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Sandwiches: The Bread

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Different BreadsThe most important thing to me about a good sandwich is the bread. In generally I seldom like sliced white bread for a sandwich for one thing it tends to be a little on the tasteless side and it isn’t very substantial. While homemade white bread is an improvement I still prefer breads that are more exiting.

For most of my sandwiches I like homemade rolls, flat breads or foccia. Foccia being my favorite, no matter what bread you choose be it sliced bread, rolls; flat bread, etc. make sure it is the best you can get or make and make sure it goes well with the rest of the sandwich. Don’t be afraid try go for something different than white or white or even rye bread. We have a lot of wonderful well tested recipes on this site and most of them will make great sandwiches. Finally, don’t be afraid to use breads you might not think of for sandwiches like bagels, English muffins, biscuits, croissants and things like that. Bagels really do make great sandwiches.


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