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Bosch Universal Mixer, the Kitchen Machine

(Checkout the new model: Bosch Universal Plus Mixer)

The Bosch Universal Mixer is the ultimate professional cooks mixer not only is it capable of mixing one egg white into a mound of fluffy meringue , it can make 12 pounds of 100% whole wheat bread dough at one time.

The Bosch Universal mixer uses a double ball bearing 700 watt motor which provides beyond the call of duty power for the heaviest of bread and cookie dough’s and provides enough power to the blender to make peanut butter, cashew butter and more.

The Bosch Universal Mixer is simple to setup and a dream to use. It has three speed settings, plus a pulse mode that keeps the motor going for as long as you hold the knob . Because of the perfect design of the Bosch Universal mixer dough hook , it can develop the gluten in 6 large loaves of bread in just 8 minutes. This is perfect for bread dough. Simple get the dough to the point that it has cleaned the sides of the bowl and then set your timer and allow the mixer to knead you the perfect bread dough. 8 minutes later your dough is ready to go.

The Bosch Universal Mixer is the perfect size the unit doesn’t take up any more counter space than a Kitchen Aid mixer and is relatively Quite. The Bosch Universal Mixer is easy to clean and durable.

Included in the package is the motor base, plastic mixing bowl, splash ring and cover, stainless steel dough hook, French whisks and an instruction book with recipes. The Bosch Universal Blender is also amazing . We use it to blend drinks make salsa ,crack grains and much more.

We make a lot of bread , rolls and dough so that was the first thing I tested on the Bosch Universal Mixer and I have to say it does a fantastic job. In fact the bread I choose to make was 100% whole wheat made from fresh ground flour. Not only did the Bosch Universal mixer knead the dough it did it without straining and it did a wonderful job of developing the gluten in the dough. The finished bread was some of the lightest and tastiest wheat bread I have had in a long time.

The next thing I tested where the New Cookie Paddles with a five year warranty, these cookie Paddles did a wonderful job of whipping egg and whipped cream, the whipped cream whipped up quickly too. One word of warning watch it when your whipping cream or you could quickly end up with butter. These cookie paddles really performed on a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies. These are truly a cookie makers dream.

I am sure you maybe wondering why the two different kinds of whisks. The French whisks look like your standard whipping whisks and are designed for lighter things like egg whites, whipping cream, etc. The cookie paddles are made of a single loop of duralon nylon and are designed for heavier things like cookie dough, butter cream icing, etc. It is important to use the appropriate whisks for the appropriate job not only for doing a good job of mixing but to prevent damage to the whisks. The French whisks aren’t designed for the heavier things like the cookie whisks are. Nor would they do the same great job mixing say cookie dough as the cookie paddles do.

When I tested the Blender on the Bosch Universal Mixer I found that it works like a dream. I crushed ice, I made milk shakes, smoothies, peanut butter and even whole fruit juice (you use the entire piece of fruit, minus seeds, pits, skin, etc.) and the Bosch Universal Mixer blender container handled all of these perfectly and made wonderfully smooth drinks and beverages.

If you have one of the consumer grade blenders from Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. then you don’t have any idea of what a real blender is. Those other ones are toys compared to the blender on this mixer. If you have ever heard of Vita-Mix or seen one of those high end Waring blenders used in bars or juice bars then you have some idea of what I am talking about.

The Bosch Universal Mixer can make 12 pounds of bread dough. If you don’t need to make 6 loaves of bread at a time, the Bosch Universal Mixer can mix 1-2 loaves just as nicely as 6 large loaves However, if you have a large family or need to make large batches of cookies or breads or anything else, the Bosch Universal Mixer is the one for you. As for which one I like better the Bosch Universal or the Kitchen Aid I have to give my vote to the Bosch Universal Mixer. It has better speed control and it has a much more modern look to it . It is a shame Kitchen Aid isn’t keeping up with the times they are outdated and Kitchen Aids are just cheaply made mixers that don’t hold up well any more. Also, the Bosch Universal Mixer has an awesome 3 year warranty on its power unit and a 1 year warranty on everything else except the french whips.

A good stand mixer is every kitchen-advocate’s best friend. The tedious and sometimes vigorous mixing that has to be done by hand in the the absence of a mixer can be, well, just plain hard and time-consuming. Moreover, Bosch makes a great mixer, teeming to the bream with quality parts. With other mixers, you may find the exact opposite is true due to cheap parts that will break in no time.

As for accessories, the Bosch Universal Mixer has a number of wonderful options for it including a very nice stainless steel mixing bowl. And one of the best food processors and slicer shredders on the market.

In my business (Cooking and Baking) you have to rely on the best equipment available, we put our machines under stresses that the home cook will never do. I have come to depend on my Bosch Universal Mixer and so have our customers who enjoy the foods we prepare with it.

– – by Chef Aaron Davis – Head Chef at Fin Springs Inn (Jackson Hole, Idaho area)

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  • Interesting, thanks for that. My son has a total aversion to eating fruit , so I make it into smoothies for him and then he can’t get enough of it! I also found some great smoothie recipes here and thought I’d share – lots of other great ideas there.

    Rebbecca Fuerst

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