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Rustic European Breads from your Bread Machine

Rustic European Breads from your Bread Machine is a wonderful source of information on making those rustic breads you see in those little French bakeries. You know the ones that make your mouth water and your mind real with all of the wonderful things you can do with them.

You would be amazed at the number of rustic breads you can make in your bread machine. Some of which can even be baked right in the machine. But, for that authentic rustic look and feel most need to be baked in your regular oven.

The other thing that is amazing is how well suited the bread machine is to the rustic bread making process. I am not talking only about the mixing and kneading process. The bread machine is a great place to make your starters, sponges, bigas and more. You assemble the ingredients for the starter, sponge, biga, etc. Let the machine mix it altogether and then unplug the machine. Let the mixture sit in the machine for the needed amount of time and then finish off the recipe by adding in the rest of the ingredients, select the dough cycle or if your going to bake it in your machine you can select the basic/white or French bread cycle. This book really gets into to this area of bread machine baking. A lot of the rustic breads are made from starters and sponges and so this information is a must. There are also a lot of rustic breads that don’t require a starter and sponge and you will find recipes for these as well.

Aside from the information on making these rustic bread the information will help give you ideas for improving recipes you already make. For example thanks to the information got from this book I bigas I was able to create an incredible pizza crust. I was also about to improve the taste and texture of my white bread recipe. So, even if you never make a recipe from this book the information it contains is useful, interesting and something that every bread machine owner should know.

The first part of the book talks about the authors and the testing they did to create the techniques and recipes for the book. The second part talks about the how’s and whys and the equipment you will need to make the breads in the book. Don’t worry you won’t have to spend a fortune on equipment. Most of the stuff you already have and the bread machine is the biggest part. The rest of the book is recipes for just about every type of rustic bread you could ask for. All of the recipes contain easy to find ingredients and are easy to follow. If you want to make those fantastic mouth watering breads that will have your friends and family in awe of your baking skills then this is a must have.

Title: Rustic European Breads from your Bread Machine
Publisher: Double Day
Author(s): Linda West Eckhardt and Diana Collingwood Butts
ISBN #: 0-385-47777-5
Price (Cover Price): $25.00

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