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WonderMill Electric Flour MillThe WonderMill Flour Mill is the perfect accessory for anyone that loves whole grain breads. It doesn’t matter if you are making the bread by hand, by mixer or by bread machine fresh ground whole grain flour has a taste and nutritional value unlike anything else. If you currently use store-bought whole grain flours then you are missing the point of using whole grain flours.

While grain is in its whole berry state it can remain fresh and viable for many years. In fact archeologists have found wheat in 3000-year-old pyramids that was still viable. However, once that grain has been milled in to flour, it begins to die you might say. If it isn’t used within 72 hours a lot of the vitamins and minerals contained in the grain begin to break down. Whole grains contain a large amount of oils and these begin to oxidize and can go rancid giving your bread an old dirty taste. If this is why you are not fond of whole grain breads then you really need to try them made with fresh ground flour. The stuff in the store has had a lot of the oils removed so that it won’t go rancid as fast but because you don’t know how old that flour is you may be getting whole grain flour that isn’t that much better for you than white flour. With the exception of the bran, this will still be there no matter what.

By milling your own flour you can mill just what you need when you need it. So you get fresh wonderful tasting flour with all of its oils, vitamins and minerals. If you are worried about ending up with dense heavy bread don’t be. The WonderMill flour mill grinds the grain powder fine which helps make a light moist tasty loaf of bread. It won’t be as light as white bread but it won’t be brick like either. Besides you can always do a 50/50 loaf, which is half white bread flour and half whole grain flour. This way you get the light bread and the added value of whole grains. This is what I do and find it to be a happy medium.

Don’t think for an instant that grains are the only things you can grind with the WonderMill flour mill. You can grind dry beans in to bean flours. These bean flours can be added to your breads, muffins and more. You can also use ground pinto bean flour to make instant re-fried beans, or garbanzo bean flour to make instant hummus. You can also use them to make wonderful bean and vegetable soups. Besides beans you can mill oat groats in to oat flour, whole dry corn in to the best corn meal you have ever had and more.
There are a few things you cannot grind in your WonderMill flour mill. These include coffee beans, seeds, all types of nuts or basically anything that is moist that may turn in to a paste when ground fine. You don’t want to run these through your WonderMill flour mill as they would gum up in the sides and would not only void the WonderMill flour mills warranty it would be impossible to clean the mill afterwords. Complete details of what you can and can’t mill is covered in the WonderMill instruction booklet.

The WonderMill flour mill is a large unit and can make up to 12 cups of flour at one time. Ideally you would only want to grind what you could use with in a few hours. The WonderMill flour mill is really two parts. You have the mill itself, which is where the whole grains, beans, etc. are put to be ground, and then there is a flour receptacle that you attach to the side of the mill using a tube (see picture). As the grains or beans are ground the flour is blown out of the mill, through the tube and in to the flour receptacle. The flour receptacle has a tight fitting lid that makes a perfect short-term storage container.

Despite the fact that electric flour milling can be noisy, the WonderMill flour mill is the quietest grain mill I have used. The controls on the WonderMill flour mill are easy to use simply select the coarseness setting you desire from fine pastry flour to coarse flour, connect the flour receptacle to the side of the mill, turn on the mill and wait a few seconds for it come up to speed, fill the hopper and in minutes you will have a canister full of fresh wholesome flour with no messy flour dust flying around your kitchen. The WonderMill flour mill is very easy to use with very little clean up and wonderful results.

Purchase: You can purchase a WonderMill flour mill from Kodiak Health Products. You can also find refurbished WonderMills and refurbished Grain Master Whisper Mills at Ebay, click here.

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  • Wonder mill is a good news for anyone that loves whole grain breads as it is the Wonder Mill is the quietest mill and very easy to use with very little clean up and wonderful results. Thanks for the information.

  • Greetings,
    I recently purchased a used magic mill 111 plus. I have learned that coconut can be milled into flour. When dried can I mill this into flour?
    Eager to receive your email response.

  • The problem with coconut is that it has a high oil content that you can’t dry out enough to run through an electric grain mill. I have even tried grinding dry coconut through a hand mill and all I could get was coconut paste, not flour. The process of making coconut flour is that it has to be defatted first, then dried, then ground. I don’t know of any way to defat coconut. Coconut flour is usually made from the leftovers from producing coconut oil. If you run dried coconut through your electric grain mill, you risk ruining you mill and voiding any warranty you may have.

  • I am interested in purchasing my first ever grain mill and am liking everything I’ve read about the Wondermill. My biggest concern is the possibility of a small stone getting through, ruining my $259.00 investment and voiding my warranty. Since I’ve not milled my own flour yet I have no idea how difficult it is to find those tiny gravels that may be the same size as a gran of wheat. Helps and comments on this concern would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    claudia shine
  • if you buy Triple-Cleaned Wheat you will never have to worry about the pebbles. Who every you get your wheat from, just make sure to ask them if it is triple-cleaned before you order. Some good sources to get wheat from are:

  • I am trying to buy “Wheat Flour” to use in a bread machine. Do you sell it or know where I can purchase it on line?

    Thanks for your help.



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