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West Bend Baker’s Choice Plus

This machine is one of the nicest that we have looked at and tested. It has several features that you won’t find on any other machine. For example, this is the only bread machine we have seen with a baking compartment light. It also has a swing out front door that makes inserting and removing the bread pan a snap, it also makes cleaning the inside a snap as well.

There is a nice large viewing window. A very traditional (horizontal) shaped pan. This pan is even more horizontal that the Zojirushi V-20. This machine is also one of the very few with dual kneading blades. The dual blades mean you get better dough, because it is kneaded better. In addition, all of the ingredients are mixed, even the ones in the corners of the pan. The only real problem that I have had with this pan shape and design is that the kneading blades have a tendency to be baked in to the bread.

As for cycles this machine has just about everything you could want. It has a cycle for basic, basic rapid, wheat, wheat rapid, sweet, French, dough, and quick dough. You also have controls for crust color (light, medium and dark), loaf size (2lb or 1-1/2lb) and there is even a button to extend the rise time. This machine also features a 13-hour delay timer so you can have fresh bread when you get up in the morning or come home from a hard days work.

In our testing, we found the machine to be well made and durable. It is a little on the noisy side during the kneading process, but not excessively so. All of the bread and dough we made in the machine turned out great, even the whole grain wheat and rye breads. Of all of the features this machine has, our favorite was the baking chamber light. You push a button on the control panel and the light comes on. This allows you to clearly see what is happening in the bread pan without having to open the machine. After a few seconds, it shuts off automatically.

This is a great machine it is one of our top choices for top-of-the-line bread machines. You should be able to find this machine for less than $200.

Purchase: The West Bend Baker’s Choice Plus has been discontinued.

  • I recently purchased one of these at a yard sale, and there is not a manual to go with it. I have never operated a bread machine, and would like to know how to run it!
    Any suggestions?? Anything will help!!

    Paula Yoder
  • Hi Paula,

    You can find manuals and replacement parts for the West Bend bread machines at the following website:


    Also, here is a manual for the West Bend bread machine in adobe format.


    I hope this helps.

  • I’m very disappointed with my Westbend. After 3 year’s reasonable use the pan has developed leaks and the paddle mechanism has disintegrated. It’ll cost more than $50 to replace it and I’m wondering whether to throw good money after bad or buy another brand.

    John s
  • Hi!

    I have recently purchased a used West Bend breadmaker model# 41041Y and do not have a manual. West Bend does not ship outside the USA, so I cannot purchase one from them. Anyone have a spare one? Or a photocopy?
    Thanks! Andie

    Andie Giddings
  • I have been looking for a breadmaker that can handle heavy breads. I never use white flour. I make Rye Bread, 12 grain bread, whole wheat bread (with no white flour in it).

    I bought one breadmaker last year (think it was a Panasonic, but not sure) and it could not handle the heavier doughs.

    I would definitely want one with 2 blade mixers.

    Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

    Patricia Trottier
  • Patricia,
    The Zojirushi BBCC-X20 is the 2 blade machine to go with. Period.

  • The Zo BBCC-X20 has never made a good loaf for me and I have been using a breadmachine for years, which finally wore out.
    I will be returning my X20 tomorrow

  • I lost my recipe book/manual with my west bend bread machine. Is there anyway to get a new one? I liked the recipes in it.

  • where can i perchase the instruction manual for the west bend baker’s choice plus 41090? please help!

  • You can find manuals for older West Bend items (including Breadmakers) at http://manualfox.com/link/westbend.htm
    You can also send them a search request and they will try to find your specific manual. They already helped me a lot.

  • I love this machine and use it almost every other day. As long as the machine part works, I’d purchase another pan for it. Parts do wear out. The cost of buying a new pan is much better than buying another machine. The results for whole grains and regualar white flour breads are quite good. The only time my bread didn’t rise, was when I forgot to put the paddles it!!!!!!

  • Retiring and moving to Maui in 1996, my wife and I purchased a new West Bend 41088 Traditional Style Bread Maker and have continued to make bread to our delight. We make on the average One(1) loaf (2 pounds) on every day of eating on the last loaf made. We usually discard the last tow inches on the older loaf. We bought this awesome machine from K-Mart in the city of Kahului.

    It does make a little more noise than I really want but age tends to take its toll with everything. The pan is beginning to show wear and year and a paddle embedded slightly in the loaf which comes out out with no difficulty. At $71.95 a decade and half ago this machine never stops. If it ever fails we will by its offspring top model which we see sell as low as $73.00,

    Karl Bratcher
  • I was fortunate to find one of these at a garage sale. At first, every loaf I made came out with an uneven, gnarly top. I learned that this machine likes a slightly wetter dough than many machines. Now I’m really happy with the quality of my bread. I’ve never had a loaf over-rise and fall in this machine, and the crust has more “character” than the typical bread machine loaf. If you can find this machine used, snap it up!

    Brooke Greene
  • Hi:
    I got this bread machine in a garage sale and cannot get a decent loaf of bread from it. I followed the recipies exactly and it constantly comes out too dense and moist in the middle and the crust is very hard. I have been baking bread in machines for years and this one confounds me!
    Is it the machine or me? What am I doing wrong? nitabreak2@yahoo.com

  • i have a westbend 41060z. it is now 15 years old, never broken down and i got a spare blade and oan for it. i have 4 kids and its always ready to go! wouldnt have anything else!! love it!

    dj evans

  • I bought a West Bend 41088 at a garage sale a couple weeks ago…looked brand new $10. I have baked 6 loaves of bread in it so far and what fun it has been. Old Fashioned White Bread, Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin, French Bread . . It’s so hard to decide which is my favorite so far, they are all wonderful. I will NEVER buy store bought bread again, these loaves come out PERFECT. 6-7 ingredients and I know what everyone of them are. I couldn’t be happier and I am truly a novice in the bread making field.

  • I bought a WestBend 41300 High Rise in January 2011. The logic board was corrupted 2 months after the warranty (so, March 2012). I was very happy with the bread it produced, but I’m disappointed it only lasted just over 1 year. It turns on, but it won’t do anything. I’ve used it 2-3 times a week with fairly heavy whole wheat bread recipes, but I would have thought it should have lasted longer than it did. I’m now researching different bread making options as I’m not sure I want to go back to this model.

  • I was given a bread maker but no manual. Bakers choice 41080. Where can I get a manual? Thank you.

    Jean Carlson
  • I was given a bread maker bakers choice 41080, were do I get a manual. Thanks.

    Jean Carlson
  • Most breadmaker manuals are here:


    Ben Ritchey
  • bought my bakers choice in 1996 and it is still my favourite machine…it makes gluten free bread if you follow the recipe carefully …
    I need a new pan for mine and cannot seem to find one anywhere since they discontinued this model apparently.. and it was soooo sturdy and baked so well

    Zoey Landry
  • I need the hinge for my Westbend Baker’s Choice bread machine Model 41080. I would gladly pay for the part & pay shipping. We both love this bread machine & really hate to throw it away.
    please contact me via email,
    Thank you,


    Linda Davies

    linda davies

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