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Welbilt ABM-6000

The Welbilt, ABM-6000 is a nice machine with modest features. However, it has one of the largest footprints we have seen in a bread machine. So make sure you have plenty of space.

We were unable to locate a price for the 6000. It has 5 main cycles with 29 variations. Main cycles include basic, rapid, wheat, French, and dough. The 6000 can make 1-1/2 and 2-pound recipes and you have crust color controls for light, medium, and dark.

The 6000 has a large view window, however as with most view windows in bread machines it is not that useful. The inside is so dark with the lid closed that you really can’t see anything.

The pan on the 6000 is an odd shaped horizontal. Moreover, it sports one kneading blade. The 6000 also includes a 14 hour timer. The timer allows you to have fresh baked bread when you get up in the morning or when you come home from work. The timer requires you to calculate the number of hours between the time you program the machine and the time you want the bread done. For example if at 8 pm you set the timer and you wanted the bread finished at 7 am the next morning you would set the timer for 11 hours.

For those of you that like to add raisins, nuts, herbs, etc. to your breads you will be disappointed in the lack of an add ingredients beep function. In addition, there is no power failure backup. Once the power goes out, that is it. You will have to start the process over again.

The 6000 does have a keep warm cycle that will keep your bread warm until you can remove it. This part of the cycle however doesn’t keep the bread from getting a soggy crust. It is advisable to remove the bread from the pan as soon as possible. Otherwise, the escaping steam from the bread will be trapped in the pan and make a soggy crust. You can however use this to get a softer crust. Just leave the bread in the pan for 10 minutes and then remove.

The 6000 doesn’t make a lot of noise. It seems to be about average in that department. We were impressed with the quality of the machine. It is well made and solidly built. We did find that most of the time the kneading blades didn’t stay in the loaf of bread. As for getting the bread out of the pan, we have not had any trouble with that they have all slid right out.

You get an average manual and there is no video introduction. You do get around thirty recipes, which gets you started.

When we test a machine, we make three types of bread. We make a plain white bread, a 100% whole wheat bread and a batch of dinner rolls. We always use the recipes that come with the machine.

The white bread tells us how the machine kneads and what the texture and crust is like. The 6000 made a very even loaf with a slight dome on top. It had what we consider a light thin crust. The inside was light, moist, and tasty. The bread rose to just above the lip of the pan.

The whole wheat bread tells us how well the machine handles heavy dense dough and whether or not it kneads it well enough to get a good rise. The 6000 made a slightly rounded loaf. The crust was a little thicker than on the white, but not bad. The inside was heavier than the white was, but not dense. It was moist and had a good taste. The loaf rose to the top of the pan.

The dinner rolls tell us how the machine does on the dough cycle. We used the white bread recipe for the dinner rolls. They came out great. They were light, moist, and golden brown.

Overall, everyone here was very impressed with the 6000. It performed very well. If you were looking for an entry level machine with a modest feature set this wouldn’t be a bad choice. The only glaring problem is the lack of an add ingredients function.

Purchase: The Welbilt ABM-6000 has been discontinued.

  • We bought a ABM6000 from a friend but had no recipes or operating manual.
    We thought about getting one from the manufacturer. If so please send to.

    Barry Hoffman
    1375 Mckenzie cr. N.W.
    Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

    Barry Hoffman
  • I have an older Welbilt bread machine and need the instruction manual. Can you please help me?
    The Model number is ABM L23..

  • They have manuals for several Welbilt machines at scribd.com.

  • I’ve been looking for a Welbilt machine and find a deadend Are they no longer being built? Where does one find them?

  • I just recieved a Welbilt ABM 6000 bread machine, but it didnt come with the instruction book, can anyone tell me were i might be able to get one.

  • I have an older abm6000 can’t find book need to know how to add bag mixs. Do you add water flour mix and then yeast or what and how can I get a book if you still can. Thanks

  • Try calling 1800-872-1656, it is the Customer Satisfaction Center or try writing: Welbilt
    Appliance Corp. of America
    PO BOX 220707
    Great Neck, NY 11021

    I have model ABM6900 and was amazed at how great the recipes turned out using breadmachine flours . And I had it in storage for three years, didn’t know if it would still work after that long…but it started up just fine and works great!! Happy Thanksgiving and Have a great Merry Christmas baking to you all!!

  • Hello again to all of you…alittle red in the face…I tried the 800# and it gave me another number that I couldn’t get through on!? Someone try it again. Hope the address is still good. That’s all I have. Would the recipes be the same for any model? Because I can send or give you what I have in my book if that will help. Well, Hope you still Have a Happy Holiday Season.

  • SorryI can give you only the recipes…not the book or anything else!lol.

  • My folks gave me their Welbitl ABM 6000, but they couldn’t find the instructions or manual. Can anyone help me?


  • Hi, my friend gave me ABM3800 she could not find the instruction/recipe booklet could you please help me get one….thank you

  • hi my friend gave me a ABM3800 with out the instruction/ recipe booklet could you please help get me one……

  • is there any phone number or website for Wellbilt bread machines?
    Soon this machine will be in the trash
    This company seems to market products and does not have customer service

    bill miller
  • I also have the ABM1L23 and do not have a recipe for making bread. Please advise Thank-you Charlene Smiyh

    charlene smith
  • Hi I bought the 6000 from a friend and need the instruction manual can any one tell me where I might find one?

  • Need an owner’s manual for WELBILT bread maker Model ABM6000
    Recipes would be appreciated. Thank you

    Ted Zipf
  • I also need phone number for Welbilt. Have bread machine and need new kneading blade. Can anyone help?

    Betty Bronson
  • For anyone looking for an instruction manual, they can be found on e-bay easily. I have a Welbilt 8200 that I have worn out. It makes wonderful bread, and my instruction manual even had a section on gluten-free breads, which is why I got the bread machine.

    April Graves
  • I have a Welbilt Bread Machine, #ABM6000. I dug out the book that came with it and was looking to see how much it cost originally (it was a gift several years ago). Anyway, I came across this site and saw that someone needed a phone number in order to get help. The # for assistance that is in my paperwork for Welbilt is 1-800-872-1656. We have had this machine for several years, probably 10, so I don’t guarantee that number to be a good one. HOpe this helps.

  • I have a #6900 and I too pulled it out of a closet after 3 years of buying bread instead of making it. Somehow I’ve lost the piece that connects the bade to the rotor….and yes, the 800 tel. no. is defunct. Any ideas on where I can get this part? Not sure what you’d call it, but it probably comes with the blade. Thanks.

  • I have a welbilt 3500 that I purchased from a thrift store with no instructions. I logged onto Hillbilly House wife and got general directions that can be used with any bread maker and great recipes. I do love this bread maker. I had called the 800 number and got no where. That is the route that I took on getting a manuel. I did see some on line that I could have copied, but I could barely read any of it. I find the breads easy to make as long as you properly measure ingredients and put them into the pan in the proper order. Good luck!

  • After much research, I have found that Welbilt Consumer Appliances has been purchased and sold several times over the last few years. While breadmakers are still being manufactured under the Welbilt name, the company that markets them is Tritronics. You can get an owner’s manual on machines that are still being sold. But you are out of luck if you’re looking for a manual on one that has been discontinued. And that’s probably most of us out there. You can contact them at http://www.encompassparts.com/ and click on Guest Login right under the Customer Login. Then you can search for the manual yourself. Or you can call their customer service dept at 1.800.638.3328. Anyway…that’s why the other 800 number doesn’t work anymore.

  • I just bought a Welbilt ABM6000 at a yard sale in Sun City for $12. It has the original manual with it. About 20 pages are for machine ops, and 40 pages are recipes. I don’t have a scanner, perhaps I could photo the pages and send them. Any ideas?

  • Dorland,
    If you take your original manual to a copy store and have them make several copies of the entire manual (they will also corelate for you), you could sell them all day long on ebay or web sites like this one. Say, for example, you paid the copy store .12 cents per page for copying the manual. That would be $4.80 per 40 page manual. You could sell them for $10.00 each without a problem. I will buy one from you. Please let me know if you go this route.

  • I have a welbilt that was new and only used about 10 times and then stored. I pulled it out to day and the blade is all rusted out and the paint is chipping off the insides. I live in AZ so it is hard to imagine it had any reason to rust in my cabinet but there you go. I am guessing it will be near impossible to get a new blade for it after reading the above. It is at least 7 years old but basically brand new. I was disappointed. Has anyone had luck finding replacement parts or should I just trash it?

  • I have a 6000 that was put into storage by my mom after she used it one time. I guess she just did not have the time at the time to do it. I just cleaned it all up and am ready to use it and when I plug it in it makes a loud sound even when I push any button, the sound does not go away. Any suggestions on how to stop this? Also- I have the manuel and would be willing to copy it for those who need it. I might have to charge a little for expenses etc, but I could try to help you all out. Let me know

  • I have an ABM6000 that I love however the pan actually broke where the paddle meets the kneading spindle. If anyone knows where or has a pan for a broken machine I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase it. These machines were originally sold from Sams club and has lasted me over 10 years. If you come across one of these machines I highly recommend it.


  • For the manual for WelBilt ABM6000 Bread Machine go to http://www.creativehomemaking.com/download/breadmaker_Welbilt_abm000.pdf Cheers..Keithmj

  • Hello I need to know how to remove the Doe hook from the pan it doesn’t come out easily please help

    Brenda LeVan
  • I have a Owner’s Manual for Model ABM600-1.

  • My Welbilt 6000 makes a loud clanging sound during the knead cycle.
    Is this normal?

  • Brenda,
    To remove the dough blade:
    After you take out the bread, put several ice cubes in the pan, let them melt, and then take the blade.
    This has worked for me.

  • I have instruction book for WEL-BILT ABM6000 bread machine. Anyone needing a copy I will e-mail it to you.

  • I need help! I’ve been so disappointed and helpless for 2 weeks. My WELBILT ABM6000 doesn’t work. The plate with 2 wings below the bread pan broke where the paddle meets the kneading spindle. If anyone knows where or has a plate for a broken machine I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase it. I’ve made breads for my family every weekend for many years. And I really enjoy making breads. Thank you very much!!

    Donna Chen
  • yes i need a instruction book i moved and it got miss placed can you tell me the price of one and where i can get it it is a wilbilt abm600 thanks dee

  • Encompass Parts say they haven’t had parts for the ABM 6000 for about 7 years. I love this bread machine but the bread is getting really hard to get out of the pan! Any ideas?

  • I have a ABM 3000 and need a replacement kneading blade.

    do you have such a replacement?

    Barbara MacDoandl
  • We need a kneading blade for a ABM1L23, does anyone know where to get another one or want to buy the one blade that we have? We have the complete manual that will go with it. Make an offer if interested.

    Gwen Hasson
  • Thank you Keithmj
    This address should be at the top of the page
    Perfect -just what I needed – easy
    Brian -Bermuda

    Brian Foster
  • I, too have been looking for a pan for my ABM6000! The shaft that turns the paddle leaks! (sniff) My daughter is gluten intolerant and only likes my G-F bread. I can’t knead the bread due to a hand injury so must use my machine (which is WONDERFUL!). Can anyone help me find a pan?

    Sheila Warner
  • I have a ABM6000, according to the manual the dough blade comes off. I can’t get it off! Does anybody know how. Thanks

  • I am looking for a manuel for Welbilt ABM1L23 2 loaf bread machine. I am also looking for 2 kneading blades to fit it. If you know how to achieve this information could you please let me know. Thank you

  • I have celiac disease and would like to bake gluten-free bread in my Welbilt ABM-6000. Is it possible to manually override the rise and bake cycles on the machine? I don’t want to buy a new breadmaker with gluten-free settings, but I only need one rise cycle and one bake cycle.

  • Has anyone located a manual for the Welbilt ABM 1L123 yet? I can’t find one anywhere and have the machine. If anyone can help and has one please let me know. Thank you.

  • Wondering if anyone has a solution to mildew in the bread machine. Does it effect the bread if you cook with it anyway?

  • I need a paddle and gasket for an: ABM550 serial 20387310, do you know how to det it?? your assistance will be appreciated.
    Luis-Chicago, IL

    Luis Pezzarossi
  • I need the manual for a Welbilt bread machine Model ABM 3900. I have tried in various sites. Havent been able to use the machine for this reason.

    Eva Rodriguez
  • need parts for bread maker mo.abm6200

    donald sloan
  • @Nance
    Is ABM1L123 a typo? I have an ABM1L23 and found a manual for it here: http://www.theadams.50megs.com/photo_3.html

    Jem Carton
  • Those of you that need the Welbilt manual, this one covers five models:


    jamie vaughn
  • I just dug out an ABM6000 from my garage that was sitting there since 2004 that I got from my parents. I cleaned it off, loaded it up and it works great. If anyone wants to know how to use it drop me a line. I’ve been playing with it for about a week making about 10 loaves. It works great after all these years. I would recommend it highlyif you come across one at a yard sale….Tom

    Tom K
  • I need a paddle for a Welbilt ABM 1L23 dual loaf machine. Please Help! If Gwen Hasson (above) still has it, I will buy it! Just saw your post!

    Jeannette Price
  • I have a model AMB 350-3 bread machine do you have a kneading paddle to fit it.

    sadie fant
  • If any needs the welbilt ABM100-4 you can find it here. I know this one is hard to find, http://welbiltbreadmachine.blogspot.com/2011/02/model-abm100-4-instruction-manual-for.html

    welbilt bread machine
  • need kneading blades for Welbilt ABM1L23 , does anyone know where or who I can call

  • i need the service number for welbuilt. i have a model ABM6000 and have a question. thanks foryour help.

  • I have had a Welbilt ABM100-4 for a long time. I ordered a replacement rubber gasket that goes in the bottom of the pan 11-20-95. It is still going strong. I was debating purchasing another with a rectangular pan but after looking at the prices and Welbilt is no longer being made I will stick with what I have. It has been VERY dependable. Not sure if you can still order parts. 25 Rose Place Garden City, NY 11040

    Linda C
  • Hello
    I am going in circles.

    I need to replace a paddle for my Welbilt “The Bread Machine” model ABM 100-4.
    I have found an ABM 100-3 but do not know if they are inter-changable.

    I also read something about the DAK but now can’t find it.

    Can you help me find the right paddle?
    Heidi Olson

  • I got the welbilt abm6000 I believe from my mother in law. The pan is scratched to hell and I refuse to uses scratched non stick with several young kids in the house.
    So instead of tossing it thought I’d ask if anyone wants it. I ship on eBay all the time but I don’t want money for this. Comes with manual and blade. Works great from what I can tell.
    It seems like u guys have gotten very frustrated working to find the replacement parts or a manual. Email me if interested you’d pay actual shipping cost. Tchockey23 at hotmail

    Tiffany j
  • I’m thinking of doing a short run of waterjet cut ABM1L23 kneading bars out of stainless steel plate. Anyone interested? dcliffordlee@live.com

  • Actually, all I need is an instruction manual. I’ve been given an AMB6000 that has only been used twice (owner just didn’t find use for it), but she had lost the manual. Any idea where I can find an instruction manual?

  • You can download the Welbilt Bread Machine Instruction Manual for Models ABM2H52 and ABMY2K1 for free in PDF format at SCRIBD.com. Here’s the link.


  • hi everyone – i am in desperate need of the two kneading blade paddels for my dual, double loaf Welbilt Bread Machine, model #ABM1L23 – my husband and i are both disabled and i loved this machine, used it all the time but somehow the mixing kneading blade paddles i guess when i last washed them got misplaced and i cannot find them anywhere – we live on such a budget that i make our own breads all the time with this machine and have adored the machine…..HELP, WOULD SOMEONE HAVE ONE AND BE WILLING TO SELL ME THE TWO MIXING PARTS??? – maybe someone out there really doesn’t use their machine and would be willing to part with what i need – or if anyone knows where i can call to be able to order them, that would be great too – i just keep going around in circles with phone number after phone number and getting no where to find parts for the machine

    any help anyone can give would be so greatly appreciated! – thanks again for everyones time and effort into answering – of course, always be blessed!

  • Debbie, did you try


  • I am looking for a Welbuilt repair service. My electrical components appear to be kaput. It just stopped working, the timer and diode lights just went dark during a baking cycle. Anyone else have similar issues?


  • Has anyone found the kneading paddle and/or rubber gasket for the AMB800. If so, could you please let me know where to find them. Help from anyonne is greatly apreciated. Email me @ rjunkbox2@gmail.com.

  • I lost the dough blade. I’d like you to send another at the address.
    Amalia Gavriil

    Amalia Gavriil
  • I Bought thE WELBILT ABM600 bread oven FROM THE WELBILT COMPANY.
    I lost the dough blade. Iā€™d like you to send ME another at the address BELOW
    Amalia Gavriil
    POB 158, BIZANI
    45500 IOANNINA
    FAX 00302651094626
    Let me know how much is going to cost me, how can i pay you and when is going to be deliverde to me.

    Amalia Gavriil
  • I have gotten a WelBilt ABM1L23 and I just tried to make the Banana Nut Bread and it say to Use Quick Bread cycle.. Now there is no Quick Bread Cycle on the Bread Machine.. Just don’t understand that..

  • I lost the paddle to the Welbilt ABM 600 anyone have one or know where I can but one. bonni3_t@yahoo.com Thank You for any help

    Bonnie Tolentino
  • The right e-mail is bonni3_t@yahoo.com

    Bonnie Tolentino
  • I have a Wilbilt ABM 350-3 (20 years old) and the red rubber gasket broke. I am unable to contact Wilbilt. Any ideas? Will I have to buy a new machine?

    Rose Mary
  • I just bought a welbilt bread machine today and I cannot find an owners manual or recipe book anywhere without have to pay over the net. Does anyone have the ABM600 model if so please let me know if you have the owners manual. Thank you so much and God Bless šŸ™‚

    Yolanda Ortiz
  • I’ve lost my manual for my Welbilt Bread Machine model number ABM3500 Where can I obtain another one ? I’m not having any luck at the website. Thank you.


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