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Breadman Plus TR-810

Breadman Plus tr810The Breadman Plus, TR-810 is a most impressive machine; it sells for around $130. It has a one year limited warranty. The Breadman Plus, TR-810 has 10 main cycles with 40 variations. Main cycles include white, rapid white, whole wheat, rapid whole wheat, fruit and nut, French, dough, pizza dough, batter breads and jam; it can make 1-1/2, 2 and 2-1/2 pound recipes. There are also crust color controls for light, medium, and dark.

The 810 has a view window, however as with most view windows in bread machines it is not that useful. The inside is so dark with the lid closed that you really can’t see anything. A flash light helps here, but an built-in interior light would be even better.

The pan on the 810 is something special. It is the most traditional shaped horizontal pan I have seen on any bread machine. It is 9.5″ long and it sports two kneading blades. We have always loved dual kneading blade machines. There’s been some talk of people having problems with one or both of the kneading blades coming off during the kneading of the dough. We have not had this problem. We have made roughly eighty batches of dough and bread and never have had the kneading blade(s) come off.

The 810 also sports a 14-hour delay timer. The timer allows you to have fresh baked bread or dough when you get up in the morning or when you come home from work. The timer requires you to calculate the number of hours between the time you program the machine and the time you want the bread done. For example if at 8 pm you set the timer and you wanted the bread finished at 7 am the next morning you would set the timer for 11 hours. The timer does work on the dough cycle, which is awesome. Now you can come home to dough for bread sticks, etc.

For those of you that like to add raisins, nuts, herbs, etc. to your breads you will like the add ingredients beep feature. There is also no preheat cycle, so when you press start the machine goes right to work.

If you should accidentally unplug your machine or if the power should go out, you don’t have to worry. The 810 has a one-hour backup. If the power should come back on the machine, will continue where it left off, please note however, if the recipe contained milk, eggs, or any perishable items, you should discard the bread and start over. This also applies if the power went out during the baking process no matter what was in the recipe.

The 810 also has a keep warm cycle that will keep your bread warm until you can remove it. This part of the cycle however doesn’t keep the bread from getting a soggy crust. It is advisable to remove the bread from the pan as soon as possible. Otherwise, the escaping steam from the bread will be trapped in the pan and make the crust soggy. You can however use this to get a softer crust. Just leave the bread in the pan for 10 minutes and then remove.

The 810 doesn’t make a lot of noise. It seems to be about average in that department. We were impressed with the quality of the machine. It is well made and solidly built. We did find that most of the time the kneading blades stayed in the loaf of bread. We just used a chopstick to remove them. As for getting the bread out of the pan, we have not had any trouble with that. They have all slid right out.

You get an average manual and there is no video introduction. You do get twenty-six recipes, which is enough to get you started. When we test a machine, we make three types of bread. We make a plain white bread, a 100% whole wheat bread and a batch of dinner rolls. We always use the recipes that come with the machine.

The white bread tells us how the machine kneads and what the texture and crust is like. The 810 made a very even loaf with a slight dome on top. It had what we consider a light thin crust. The inside was light, moist, and tasty. The bread rose to just above the lip of the pan.

The whole wheat bread tells us how well the machine handles heavy dense dough and whether or not it kneads it well enough to get a good rise. The 810 made an even loaf, this was because the top sunk, which seems to be a standard occurrence with many whole grain breads. The crust was a little thicker than on the white, but not bad. The inside was heavier than the white was, but not dense. It was moist and had a good taste. The loaf rose to the top of the pan.

The dinner rolls tell us how the machine does on the dough cycle. We used the white bread recipe for the dinner rolls. They came out great. They were light, moist, and golden brown.

Overall, everyone here was very impressed with the 810. It performed very well. If you are looking for a good bread machine with a good price, but one that has high end features the 810 is a good choice.

  • I would like very much to know when these reviews were done (date). That would allow me to figure out the order to read them. Your reviews have changed a bit over time, and knowing the dates would allow me to understand what you have learned over time, and thus the reviews get better/more knowledgeable.


    Marshall M. Midden
  • Habe ein ganz anderes Problem. Wo bekomme ich eine Pfanne fuer den Brotbäcker
    TR845. Ich wäre sehr dankbar für ihre Hife !!! viele Grüße RP

    Puetz Rosi
  • Please e-mail me with location for purchasing the Breadman TR 810.
    I have searched the internet, but unable to locate it.
    Thanks for your help.

    T. Smith
  • what is the difference between the tr2500 and the tr 810, want a bread machine want the best breadman plus thanks. elaine

    elaine crowley
  • i am trying to find replacement paddle for breadman plus

  • Help. Im trying to make banana bread and my rapid setteing wont work. Is there someing wrong im doing. I just have everything in there, went to rapid setting and all that is does is shows me the time , I push start and nothing happens.

  • I am looking for a manual for recipes for the tr810 bread machine I acquired from my daughter.

    Elizabeth Mayhew
  • See the Bread Machine Manuals page:


    The tr810 manual is in the list of pdfs


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