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Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Review

Baking Bread with the Bosch Universal Plus or KitchenAid 600 Pro? Bosch Universal Plus Mixer with Blender Home bakers around the nation are always looking for that perfect appliance to make their hours in the kitchen a little easier. I can’t seem to make a good loaf of bread without a machine to knead it […]

Bosch Universal Mixer, the Kitchen Machine

“The Bosch Universal Mixer is the ultimate professional cooks mixer not only is it capable of mixing one egg white into a mound of fluffy meringue , it can make 12 pounds of 100% whole wheat bread dough at one time.”

KitchenAid Professional 600 Stand Mixer Review

Recently after trying several other “high-end” mixers I decide to go back to the KitchenAid stand mixer. This would not be my first KitchenAid mixer.

Eclipse Dimension 2000 Mixer

(This is now a Discontinued Brand and Model, a comparable mixer would be the NEW Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, it even out performs the Dimension mixer.) The Eclipse Dimension 2000 is a professional grade mixer and is capable of mixing egg whites and whipped cream to cookie dough and bread dough. In fact it can […]

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Mixer

The Electrolux Magic Mill DLX mixer at first glance is an odd looking mixer compared to others on the market. It has a large stainless steel bowl, an arm that swings over the top of it with a large round roller and scraper attached. In fact the Electrolux Magic Mill DLX doesn’t work like any […]