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Bosch Universal Mixer - Discontinued

As of June 1st 2008, Bosch is no longer making this model!  If you want a more powerful and newer machine click on this link: Bosch Universal Plus!

Click Here For: Bosch Universal Parts or Accessories
we do still carry them.
Bosch Universal Mixer - Discontinued
Discontinued Model
Manufacturer: Bosch
Model: 70-MUM6
Bosch Universal Mixer
More Bread, Less Work

The Bosch Universal Mixer is built for quantity. The 22 cup lexan bowl allows you to mix up to 6 large loaves at once. The powerful motor and heavy duty transmission ensure that the machine is up to the task. Mixing with the Bosch is fast. In a matter of minutes you can turn base ingredients into great dough. All with no hand kneading.

Features of the Bosch Universal Mixer

  • Stainless Steel Dough Hook: Sturdy dough hook is built for years of heavy use.
  • Splash ring and bowl lid: You won't have a big mess to clean up when you're done using your Bosch Mixer.
  • French Wire Whisks: You can whip a single egg white into a delicate meringue.
  • Blender (optional): You can make great smoothies with this powerful blender.
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty on everything, 3 year extended warranty on the motor and transmission.

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