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Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain Mill



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Manufacturer: WonderMill
Model: 70-WJDELUXE

WonderMill Wonder Junior Deluxe
Hand Grain Mill

This is a wonderfull hand grain mill for this price range. It has been greatly improved in early 2011 to outperform even the expensive hand grain mills and it gives you flexibility that they don't. Cheap hand grain mills perform very poorly and expensive hand grain mills don't even perform as good as the New Wonder Junior Deluxe, so get your money's worth and buy this grain mill.

What Do I Get:

  • Wonder Junior Deluxe Grain Mill
  • Stainless Steel Milling Burrs
  • Stone Milling Heads
  • Dual Clamp Mount
  • Flour Guide
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Comparatively, It's Fast

Hand grain milling is never a really quick process but the new Wonder Junior Deluxe is as fast as it gets. In grinding tests done by WonderMill, and by us, the Wonder Junior Deluxe produces about 1 1/4 cups of wheat flour per minute, that is about 1/2 cup more than even the Country Living Grain Mill (which costs nearly twice as much). It does this with its new aggressive grain auger designed to move the grains though faster than ever before. The new aggressive auger also makes it more effective at making nut butters than any other hand grain mill on the market today.

The New Flour Guide is Awesome

One other improvement to the new Wonder Junior Deluxe is that it now comes with a flour guide. This new flour guide works better than any we have used before. It guides the four to about a 2 inch wide stream of flour coming out of the grain mill, which equals less mess and the ability to use smaller containers to catch the flour. Some of the grain mills in this price range require a container 8 inches wide to catch the exiting flour but not the Wonder Junior with its new flour guide.

Strength & Durability

When compared to hand grain mills it the same price range the Wonder Junior Deluxe far surpasses them in strength and durability in its design and build. Everything is thicker, more reinforced, and better designed. Plus with it's Limited Lifetime Warranty, you can have confidence that you will be taken care of as long as you have this grain mill.

The piece I love the most on the Wonder Junior Deluxe is its double clamp mount, which not only hold very well but it is built like a tank. It is wider than most mounts and holds substantially better than all other mounts we have seen and used on hand grain mills. Plus the mount is so easy to tighten and loosen so you can setup and take down your grain mill faster, in other words you will use it more.

Many stone milling heads are fragile and even get broken in shipping the grain mill but not the stone heads that come with the Wonder Junior. These milling heads are thicker and also have a metal backing to give them added strength to even survive accidental drops. This is very important since the stone milling heads are the most effective for milling dry grains, which is the most common use for grain mills.

A Very Popular Grain Mill

The Wonder Junior Deluxe hand grain mill has become very popular as of late. Many home kitchen specialists, like Anitra Kerr and Chef Brad, recommend this mill for your home use. The prepping and food storage specialist RAVE about its performance and affordability compared to other hand mills. Even "Red Necks" on YouTube enjoy seeing it grind up pebbles that were mixed into the grain in a durability test video, I enjoyed seeing it as well. Many well know bloggers in specialties like vegan cooking and gluten-free baking seem to be using and talking about the Wonder Junior Deluxe as the grain mill of choice. Of all the grain mills we have ever used or sold, this is the hand grain mill we recommend most.

Not Just for Grains

The Wonder Junior is not just for milling dry grains, beans, corns, or other dry items. You can also mill many oily grains, seeds, nuts, and spices. Some interesting things the Wonder Junior Deluxe can do are: Grind nuts into nut butters, almonds into almond flour, coffee beans into coffee ground, beans into bean flour, flax into flax meal, and on and on.... Here is a list of some of the items it can grind (the links go to grain grinding demonstrations with WonderMill grain mills).

14 Grain Mix

Acini Di Pepe Pasta

Adzuki Beans

Almonds, Blanched Raw

Almonds, Roasted



Black Beans

Black Eyed Peas

Black Peppercorn

Brown Rice


Bulgur Wheat

Chick Peas

Cinnamon Sticks


Coffee Beans

Dill Seed

Durum Wheat

Ezekiel Mix

Fava or Garfava Beans

Flax Seeds

Hard Red Wheat

Hard White Wheat

Kamut Wheat

Kidney Beans

Lentels, all


Mung Beans

Oat Groats

Onion Flakes

Peanuts, Roasted

Pearled Barley

Pinto Beans

Popcorn Kernels

Poppy Seed



Rosemary Spice


Sesame Seeds

Small Red Beans

Sorghum Grain



Split Peas

Sunflower Seeds

Tapioca Pearls

Teff Seeds

Thyme Spice


White Hominy Corn

White Rice

White Beans

Wonder Flour Mix

Yellow Field Corn

Go to to see what you can grind with the Wonder Junior hand grain mill


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