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Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

 Mothers Day  Special.  

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Bosch Universal Plus Mixer
Bosch Mixer, Universal Plus
$399.99 $479.99
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Manufacturer: Bosch
Model: 70-MUM6N10UC


Bosch has done it again. They have come out with another great mixer to out do the rest. I am sure you are thinking, "How can they do better than the Bosch Universal?" Well they have and the Universal Plus is the  top in its class.

This mixer out does all the rest with an amazing 800 watts of power. Even though it is so powerful, it is still very quiet. Have you always wanted just a little less or a little more in your mixer, well the Universal Plus has achieved that. With a slower slow setting and a faster fast setting, you can easily stir your ingredients or whip them together very fast. And don't worry because your favorite pulse setting that was on the Universal is also on the Universal Plus.

Other than the "new age design" that Bosch has given this new mill, I am sure you are curious about one thing. "Will the Universal Plus vibrate off my counter like my other mixers?" The answer is NO!! Bosch has included suction feet on these new mills. Now it will stay put when you are preparing that 15 pounds of bread dough for your hungry family. 


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