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Sunshine Nugget Grain Mill

Due to availability we are no longer carrying the Sunshine Nugget.  Please click here to see our NUMBER ONE SELLING Grain Mill the Wonder Junior Deluxe
Sunshine Nugget Grain Mill
No Longer In Stock
Manufacturer: Nazko
Model: 70-NUGGET

You pick your power source
The Sunshine Nugget can easily be run by hand, or you can run the Sunshine Nugget Mill by any number of means. Some of these you may already have or can purchase inexpensively. For example, the Sunshine Nugget can run off of a gas engine, water wheel, windmill, bicycle, or old appliance electric motor. Just remove the handle and attach a 12" to 14" pulley wheel -- the milling shaft is ready to accept the pulley wheel and has a key way for easy hookup.

Making the bread
Several cranks on the Sunshine Nugget and you will see for yourself how easy it is to turn, and that it will out-produce anything, turn for turn, in its class. You can produce fine flour the first time through with the Sunshine Nugget. You won't have to re-run the flour through like many of the so called hand flour mills on the market.

Cracked cereal to ultra fine flour
It's as easy as turning the knob.

Cleanup is simple and quick
By removing the adjustment knob, you can take the rotating stone off and quickly and easily brush out the milling chamber. All of this cleanup can be done in 2 minutes or less.

Flour Pan
You decide in what container to store your flour. Various TupperWare type containers will fit easily under the stones to catch the flour as it is milled, then just snap on a lid and store it away. There is no need for any special apparatus or aprons to funnel the flour into your pan.

There are no parts to attach because the body is one piece construction, strong, sleek, and efficient.

Great Warranty!!
Each Sunshine Nugget Hand Mill comes with a no nonsense full 5 year warranty. See your mill's instructions for details.



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