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Bosch Universal plus/ Concept Meat Grinder

Bosch Universal  plus/ Concept Meat Grinder
$7.50 Shipping  (In continuous U.S.)
Model: 70-MUZ6FW4

The Food and Meat Grinder is the perfect attachment if you want to save money by grinding your wild game or other meats. Combined with the power of the 800 watt BOSCH UNIVERSAL PLUS MIXER this Meat Grinder will process food as quickly as you can feed it into the hopper. It comes with a 4.5 mm disk for general use. Smaller and Larger mm disks are available allowing you to grind and mince fresh meats, stuffings, and virtually all foods into any desired consistency.  If you have the older Bosch Universal Mixer you will need to order the Bosch Universal Meat Grinder Foot  item 70-607750  $8.00


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