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Eclipse Dimension 2000 Mixer

(This is now a Discontinued Brand and Model, a comparable mixer would be the NEW Bosch Universal Plus Mixer, it even out performs the Dimension mixer.)

The Eclipse Dimension 2000 is a professional grade mixer and is capable of mixing egg whites and whipped cream to cookie dough and bread dough. In fact it can make 12 pounds of bread dough at one time.

It features an 800 watt motor which provides ample power for the heaviest of bread and cookie dough’s and provides enough power to the included blender to make peanut butter, cashew butter and more.

The Dimension 2000 is easy to setup and easier to use. It has three speed settings, plus a pulse mode that keeps the motor going for as long as you press the button. In a recent update to the Dimension 2000 Eclipse added a timer feature that turns the unit off after 8 minutes. This is perfect for bread dough. Simple get the dough to the point that it has cleaned the sides of the bowl and then press the timer button and allow the mixer to knead you the perfect bread dough. 8 minutes later the unit shuts off and your dough is ready to go. This is a very nice addition and one I am glad the added.

As for size the unit doesn’t take up any more counter space than a Kitchen Aid mixer and doesn’t make any more noise. In fact in the noise department I find it to be less annoying than a kitchen aid mixer. While it may be as loud the frequency of the noise is different and so for me at least it is easier on the ears.

Included in the package is the motor base, plastic mixing bowl, splash ring and cover, stainless steel dough hook, French whisks, cookie whisks, blender container with lid and an instruction book with recipes.

I make a lot of bread so that was the first thing I tested on the Dimension and I have to say it does a fantastic job. In fact the bread I choose to make was 100% whole wheat made from fresh ground flour. Not only did the Dimension 2000 knead the dough it did it without straining and it did a wonderful job of developing the gluten in the dough. The finished bread was some of the lightest and tastiest wheat bread I have had in a long time.

The next thing I tested where the French Whisks, these whisks done a wonderful job of whipping egg whites and whipped cream. In just a few minutes the egg whites where light and fluffy, the whipped cream whipped up quickly too. One word of warning watch it when your whipping cream or you could quickly end up with butter.

I am sure you maybe wondering why the two different kinds of whisks. The French whisks look like your standard whipping whisks and are designed for lighter things like egg whites, whipping cream, etc. The cookie whisks are made of a single loop of stainless steel and are designed for heavier things like cookie dough, buttercream icing, etc. It is important to use the appropriate whisks for the appropriate job not only for doing a good job of mixing but to prevent damage to the whisks. The French whisks aren’t designed for the heavier things like the cookie whisks are. Nor would they do the same great job mixing say cookie dough as the cookie whisks do.

Finally, I tested the Blender. When I tested the original Dimension 2000 mixer (the one without the timer feature) I had problems with the blender not doing a good job blending things up. It often left unblended chunks of ice in blended drinks. However, the updated Dimension 2000 (the one with the timer feature) also sports a newly redesigned blender container with a new blade configuration. This new blender containers works like a dream. To make sure that the problems I had with the last unit weren’t still present I crushed ice, I made milk shakes, smoothies, peanut butter and even whole fruit fruit juice (you use the entire piece of fruit, minus seeds, pits, skin, etc.) and the new blender container handled all of these perfectly and made wonderfully smooth drinks and beverages.

If you have one of the consumer grade blenders from Sears, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. then you don’t have any idea of what a real blender is. Those other ones are toys compared to the blender on this mixer. If you have ever heard of Vita-Mix or seen one of those high end Waring blenders used in bars or juice bars then you have some idea of what I am talking about.

About a year ago I reviewed the Bosch Universal and while I thought it was a good mixer, it was way too big for what I needed. The Dimension 2000 is also a big mixer; after all it can make 12 pounds of bread dough. If you don’t need to make 2 or more loaves of bread at a time I think you would be better off with a bread machine. However, if you have a large family or need to make large batches of…well anything this mixer is the only way to fly. As for which one I like better the Bosch Universal or the Dimension 2000. I have to give my vote to the Dimension 2000. It has better speed control and it has a much more modern look to it I also like the new timer feature. It is a shame Bosch like Kitchen Aid isn’t keeping up with the times. Bosch mixers are outdated and Kitchen Aids are just cheaply made mixers that don’t hold up well any more. Also, the Dimension 2000 includes a life-time warranty.

As for accessories, the Dimension 2000 has a few accessories for it including a very nice stainless steel mixing bowl.

Purchase: You can purchase a Dimension 2000 Mixer from Kodiak Health Products


  • thank you for your words here. Can you tell me where I can buy some of the accessories for this mixer? thanks, sandy

  • I bought a Dimension 2000 as it’s warranty was longer than the Bosch’s warranty. However, shortly after the warranty expired, the machine expired. So I am going back to my mother’s way of thinking – buy the brand that friends and family have used for years without problems. Now I will purchase a Bosch Universal Plus which should last longer than the “gandchildren” of the Eclipse Dimensions 2000!


  • I purchased a Dimension 2000 a few years back, and have enjoyed using it, but the parts just couldn’t hold up to the motor’s power. I went through several bowls, and the blender is now leaking. I’m so sorry that they’ve discontinued the product. I wonder if there is any way to contact someone and see if they can still replace a few parts for me. I’m not able to buy a better machine right now, but would pay for a new blender to hold me through a few more years, if I could.

  • Does anyone know the contact information for the Dimensions 2000 mixer. How can I get a replacment gear and instructions for replacement. The large cirular toothed plastic gear has 7 of its teeth stripped and my mixer will no longer work.

    The motor and all the other parts are in super condition.

  • Did Nick June 29 2009 ever get an answer to his question. I have the same questions.

    According to the Kitchen Kneads in our neigborhood Eclipse went out of business last year.

    Robbie Gittins
  • My Dimension 2000 quit working but I have a stainless steel bowl and 3 dough hooks, the white bowl with two dough hooks, 2 sets of 2 types of whisks and the blender that I would like to sell. They are in great condition still and I would hate to see them thrown away. Please email me for pictures: thedonahues7@verizon.net

  • The parts for the DImension 2000 that I previously advertised have all been sold.

  • I bought a Dimension 2000 a while back. I am looking for the whisk attachments. I have a stainless steel bowl and dough hook to get rid of, if anyone needs them. Does anyone have the whisk attachments to sell? I no longer need the stainless steel bowl or dough hook since we now have to eat gluten free. Gluten free bread dough is very wet, similar to cake batter, therefore I never use the dough hook or stainless steel bowl. If anyone has a part they could trade with me or sell to me, or if anyone wants my bowl and hook, please email me at chucklor2@aol.com I would be happy just to get 1 whisk if you only have 1 and not a whole set.

  • Does anyone have a copy of the owners book? My Aunt passed away and left me her Demension 2000, but there is no book on how to use it.

    Thanks Terry

  • Hi, I bought the bowl for the Dimension 2000 inadvertently. I thought it was for a Bosch Concept 7 mixer. If anyone needs the stainless steel bowl, post a reply here. I’m selling it for $45, including shipping.

  • I have had my Dimension 2000 for several years. I make bread weekly and it has done a good job. However, I have replaced the splash ring once and need to do so again. A lifetime guarantee is great unless the company goes out of business which this one has. I’ve been unable to find the part I need, so will be switching to the Bosch Universal.

  • I also have a bowl or two, the wisks and the dough hook for the Dimensions 2000. If anyone would like to purchase them, email me at katchmoleen@gmail.com

    Kathleen Johnson
  • I need a dough hook for the Dimension 2000. Mine has dissappeared. pattidixon@juno.com

    Patti Dixon
  • I have a whole Dimension 2000,used seldom, for sale. Also have extra dough hook. Will negotiate price.

  • AliceMarie or Kathleen Johnson,

    Do you still have your items available? Please email me if you do. tlong71@gmail.com

    thank you.

  • alicemarie
    Have you sold your dimension 2000?

  • Does anyone have a splash ring for the Dimension 2000? I absolutely LOVE the machine and have made many loaves of bread, large batches of cookies, etc., etc. I broke the splash ring (my fault) and now have to hold it together while the dough mixes. Please e-mail me if you have a splash ring at susan_amann@hotmail.com.

  • I need a splash ring as well! I can’t afford to replace my mixer and I use this to make bread often. Please email me at awendybird {at} gmail {dot} com

    Amber C
  • Ihave Dimension 2000 bread mixer. The last time we used it the top part of the bowlin the center came apart where the dough hooks are on.Company number I have has been disconnected.So can anyone help me out Ineed a new bowl.

    Luann Kauffman
  • email for Luann Kauffman is nkauffman@embarqmail.com

    Luann Kauffman
  • I need the whisks and the metal thing that holds the whisks…..somehow in our move they were lost….sigh. I looked at the Bosch whisks and metal holder and they look very much the same. Anyone know if they are inter-changeable?

    If anyone has whisks PLEASE let me know! KenyaMK@gmail.com

  • I also need whisks for my Dimension 2000. Does anyone know if the Bosch whisks are swappable? I ight try that. If anyone has whisks to sell let me know at heidi.a.pierce@gmail.com.

  • I’m looking for a Dimension 2000 dough hook and stainless steel bowl. My email is carani@juno.com.

  • I have a blender for it if anyone is interested. My email is zorator@yahoo.com.

  • I have a dimension 2000 that i recently purchased only to find that 4 teeth are ruined, so tranny is shot. would love to help meet needs of folks looking for parts. I habe 2 plastic bowls with lids, 2 dough hooks, 2 sets of whisks with attachment piece. Willing to also sell motor or other parts if there is a need for other parts- all ran fine until load put on it, and when disassembled found that 4 teeth were ruined. contact me at marythemom @hotmail.com with parts needed and offer for purchase.

  • Mary, I could use one of your whisk attachment pieces! Please email me: KenyaMK@gmail.com. It is the one thing missing from my machine! Thank you!

  • I need a replacement bowl as the spur gear on top has broken. Machine is fine. Help?

  • I obtained one of these at a garage sale last year. it is working fairly well but I need the instruction booklet. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.

    Diane F.
  • Hi, I am needing the cookie whisk and the splash ring for my dimension 2000. If anyone still has these parts and would like to sell them, please let me know.

    Jeanne Keck
  • Hello, I have the whisks attachments, if anyone needs them let me know. I had the blender attachment for the longest while and no one contacted me so I tossed it (after a big de-cluttering) and then several people contacted me after.:-( I hope this does not happen with the whisks as someone could be of need of it. You pay shipping, a flat rate priority box with delivery confirmation, contact me and them I will check how much that cost and let you know. My email is zorator2 @ aol dot com. Please note that I did not write the email exactly as it should go because then I get a lot of spam.


  • I would like to buy a bowl if you still have one. Thanks Lori

  • Lori, we do not have anymore parts for the Dimension mixer, last place I have seen them is on EBAY.

  • Is the manufacturer of the Dimension 2000 still around and honoring their lifetime warranty? Does anyone have any contact info???

    Thanks, Amber

    Amber Fuller
  • The Company that made the Dimension mixer went out of business quite a few years ago.

  • Please tell me where I can buy a bowl lid for my Dimension 2000 mixer.

    Thank you!!

    Tom Butler
  • I need a set of dough hooks and the French Whisk Set (8 wire whip) for the Dimension 2000


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