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Soyajoy soy milk maker is an affordable, quick and easy way to make fresh home-made soy milk. Even if your not milk intolerant there are other reasons to drink soy milk, these reasons include…

  • Soy milk will help reduce the risk of heart disease because they are cholesterol free and high in fiber. Soybeans naturally contain Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E.
  • Soy milk reduces the risk of breast cancer and helps ease the symptoms of menopause.
  • Soy milk contains isoflavones known as genistein and daidzein, a naturally occurring plant form of estrogen that will replicate the function of estrogen in post-menopausal women.
  • Soy milk reduces the risk of prostate cancer by inhibiting cell growth. The mechanism is not yet clear, but research has shown that men who eat a diet high in soy have a much lower incidence of the disease.
  • Soy milk reduces the risk of many digestive disorders because of its high fiber content. This aids in healthy digestion, and has shown to reduce the risk of colon and rectal cancer.
  • Soy milk is dairy-free (there are a few cheeses that contain milk proteins, so be careful when purchasing them) and can be used as a substitute for lactose intolerance and milk allergies.
  • Soy milk is great for the dietary treatment of diabetes because soybeans have a low glycemic index and are cholesterol free (heart disease is a diabetic related condition).
  • Soy milk can be used as a protein source in vegetarian diets because they contain
    the necessary amount of essential amino acids for tissue repair and growth.
  • Soy is essential for the future of our planet. Soy can be used to feed large numbers of people and animals. Soy is inexpensive to produce, and replenishes the soil rather than depletes it.

Fresh made soy milk is nothing like the commercial stuff which often includes flavoring, sweeteners and in some cases worse ingredients. If you like the overall taste of commercial soy milk, then adding some vanilla and cane syrup or other natural sweetener will give your homemade soy milk a taste that is similar to the commercial stuff, but still much healthier for you.

Soy milk is good for other uses besides drinking or on cereal. It works well for homemade ice creams, yogurt, pudding, custards, etc. You can also make your own tofu from your home-made soy milk. Basically, you can use soy milk for anything that you would use regular milk for.

I especially like using the home-made soy milk in bread. I find like milk it makes for a lighter textured loaf with a better flavor and better crust color. Also, it acts like a minor preservative so that bread says fresh a little longer. You can also use the left over Okara in the bread as well. Okara isn’t the green vegetable used in gumbo Okara is the ground up soybeans left over after making soymilk. Adding it to you bread gives you very nutritious bread. It can also be used to make meat substitutes like burger patties and chicken strips for which some recipes are included.

While I am not going to give up cow’s milk I have decided to augment that with soymilk so that I get a mix of both. I have found that mixing a half gallon of 2% milk with a half gallon of fresh home-made soymilk gives you the best of both worlds (let the soy milk cool before adding it to the milk). I am one of those people that believe in a well balanced diet with a wide range of fresh foods. So this works out perfect for me.

There are a few recipes included with the Soyajoy package however; this is definitely this products weak point. The really need to take the time and come up with a cookbook of a hundred or so awesome recipes to include with the product. Right now you can use the ones that come with it or better yet do an Internet search for soy milk, soy milk recipes, Okara and related recipes. You should have no trouble finding tons of recipes to help you use your soymilk in creative, tasty and fun ways.

Making home-made tofu from home-made soy milk is quite easy. Simply add a bit of Epsom salts or other coagulant to the soy milk. This will cause curds to form that you then drain in a fine mesh strainer or in cheese cloth. You can do an Internet search for recipes on how make your own Tofu. It really is quite easy and you can make any texture you like from soft to extra firm.

Besides making soymilk you can also use the Soyajoy to make rice milk, almond and other nut milks too. All of which have many creative cooking uses from breads, to cakes, to puddings, etc.

Using the Soyajoy is quite easy. Simply measure out the dried soy beans (a small bag is included with the machine to get you started) using the included measuring cup. One of the measuring cups of dried beans makes one batch of soy milk. Soak the dried soy beans in cold water for 8 to 12 hours, then drain. Fill the water container to the appropriate level with water, put the machine together (not hard, simply attach the filter cup to the bottom of the unit and then put the unit on the water container). Then simply place the soaked soy beans in the feed shoot in the top of the fully assembled Soyajoy machine, press a few buttons and in 15 minutes you have fresh home-made soy milk. The Soyajoy is also programmable so you can do your own custom program for those that like the beans ground more or the milk boiled down more.

Unlike some machines on the market the Soyajoy is specifically built to make soy milk quickly and of the utmost quality. It is also designed to eliminate boil overs. I have to date made about 30 batches of soy milk and have yet to have a boil over. The secret is to clean the unit and sensors well after each use.

The instructions that come with the machine are easy to read and follow. As I said above I wish the cookbook had more recipes, but there are some good ones. Clean up of the machine once you get the hang of it isn’t hard or time consuming. You simply take the filter cup off the bottom of the machine and wash it out well, making sure you get all of the little bits of soy bean out of it, then rinse off the rest of the motor unit. It is important not to get the top of the unit wet. It is quite easy to see the parts you can and can’t get wet. Finally you wash out the water/milk chamber. It is best to clean the unit right after you make soy milk with it. If needed you can run cold water over the hot parts so you can handle them, by doing the clean up right after you have made soy milk you be assured the unit is easy to clean. Letting it sit will just make things harder.

Included with the Soyajoy machine is the water/milk chamber, motor unit, filter cup, bean shoot tamper, measuring cup, power cord, bag of dry soy beans, bag of Soyajoy soap for cleaning the machine (you can use any dish soap you want), instruction/cookbook, and cleaning/scrubbing pads.

I am very impressed with the quality, speed and ease of use of the Soyajoy machine. All of the parts that come in to contact with the soybeans and milk during the soy milk making process as stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about odd tastes or discoloration. It is clear that a lot of thought has gone in to the design of it. It makes a batch of incredible, healthy soy milk in 15 minutes; each batch is 50oz or enough for 6 glasses or 1.5 liters. To do it in a pot on the stove would take hours and be a lot messier. For me I am glad I have one of these. Now I can add another level of healthy food to my diet. Best of all the soy milk is versatile and quite tasty. The cost for the package is $125 direct from Sanlinx with free shipping. The regular suggested retail price is $199. It comes with a 1 month money back guarantee and 1 one year warranty. Quality dried soy beans cost about $0.35 per pound so each batch of soymilk is considerably cheaper than an equal amount of cow’s milk.

You should be able to get dry soy beans at any good health food store. Look for one that has a good turn over so you get them as fresh as possible. Besides making soy milk from them, you can cook them like any other bean for soup, etc. They really are a tasty and wonderful bean.


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