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Toastmaster Bread Baker’s Hearth

The Toastmaster Breadmaker’s Hearth is one of the most unique bread machines on the market. What makes this machine so unique is that it is also an oven, broiler, and toaster. All in one microwave sized unit.

The controls are simple to use and allow for a wide variety of options. The unit comes with a 2-pound horizontal bread pan and paddle, a broiler pan and a wire cooking rack. Also, included is a cover for the kneading mechanism. This cover is placed over the shaft in the bottom of the unit and protects it from spills and grease when using the toaster, broiler, or bake functions.

This machine is loaded with features. For example, it can make 1-1/2 and 2lb loaves. It has 8 cycles, including Basic White, Instant or Rapid, Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Rapid, French, Sweet, Cake, Dough, Pizza Dough, Mixing. You also have control over the crust color (light, medium, dark). The Instant or Rapid cycle can make a loaf of bread in less than 2 hours. It has a keep warm cycle, so if you can’t get too the bread when completed it won’t get soggy. It has a 13-hour timer so you can wake-up/come home to fresh baked bread. In addition, there is an add ingredients beep.

As for the oven, toaster, and broiler functions, these are rather complete also. The oven can be digitally set from 100 degrees to 500 degrees. It also has a 4-hour digital timer. In broil mode there is a 60-minute digital timer. The toaster function can handle 4 bread machine sized slices of bread or several bagels, English muffins, etc. It also has 8 shade settings from light to dark.

If you like to watch what is happening you will love the full view glass door. The only real problem with this is that once the pan is in place, you can’t see in it. In addition, if your bread rises too high it will stick to the top. Perhaps the biggest disappointment for me was that a pizza baking stone wasn’t included. When these first became available one was included, however, that special offer has terminated, and now you can’t even buy one. Because of the size needed to fit in the oven, I have been unable to locate one that will fit.

Overall, this is a very nice machine. That is perfect for the person with limited space but would like to have a bread machine, large object toaster, and second oven/broiler. It takes up about the same amount of space as mid-sized microwave. We made 40 loaves of bread and 10 batches of dough. The machine made great bread and there were no unkneaded ingredients left in the pan. All of the bread we made rose well and had a nice golden crust. I however didn’t like the toaster. By the time, the ceramic elements heated up to toast the bread it had dried it out.

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  • If only someone could tell where to buy it. This model is the best kept secret ever and it seems it is for the chosen only. No reference to this model anywhere whatsoever. Anybody can help?

    Vasil Bilak
  • I have had SIX of these. We have used every one of them until they died.
    I LOVE these machines!
    I’d buy another one tomorrow if I could.
    They are incredibly versatile machines;although sometimes more delicate than I’d like, but then, I use mine nearly every day.Not designed for that,or so Salton says.
    I contacted Salton (Toastmaster) awhile back & was told that they have not made them in several years now, & have NO plans to make more of them anytime soon.
    That’s a bummmer for this household!
    If you find one, & it works, hang on to it.
    I am still constantly looking for a working model.
    Good luck to you!

    C Miller
  • I have one for sale. My mother had it and passed away. It is in VERY good shape. Are you interested?

    Cori randolph
  • I AM interested! please reply. ruthlthompson@hotmail.com

    Ruth Thompson
  • I’ve had mine for over ten years. I love it, and use it a lot. It was purchased as a Christmas gift at WalMart – they had a lot of them, but that was then and not now…

    Blane Robertson
  • I am looking for the beater/blades. does anyone know where to buy parts?

  • Susan – I have had mine since 2000 and have baked probably over 100 loaves of bread. Recently on an rving trip, the machine took a terrible beating and now the paddle won’t turn, seems those dents in the bottom of the oven may have something to do with it. Cannot find another one, even on EBay, and you can have the paddle if you need it. The model is 1143S for the Toastmaster Breadmaker’s Hearth Breadmaker and Cook’s oven. Contact me at satellitequeen@yahoo.com and make a reference to the breadmaker in the subject line please so I can retrieve it from my spam if not in the inbox.

  • I also have one of these ovens, and am panicking thinking of the day when it quits. I have a Sunset magazine circa 1998, that rates this machine 4 “pieces of toast, the highest rating” and the Zojurishi only 1! I bought mine at Best buy, on a whim, since I already had three bread machines. If anyone has one they don’t want or use, please contact me.

  • Where would I find a owner’s manual for one?

    thanks, Phil in Oregon

  • I am looking for one of these ovens – does anyone have one for sale?

  • I have model 1193 and love it. Had not baked bread in awhile, lost manual.
    You can get one here:

    When requested, just enter fake contact info, then browser will open file in .pdf format.

    Bill Cook
  • I have one and have never had any luck making any bread worth eating. Can someone give me the recipe they use for the basic white bread that actually rises and works. I also hate that I have to use powdered milk…is there a recipe that uses fresh milk.

  • I am on my second one, and cries heard ’round the world will go up when it dies. I knew a few years ago my first one was finally going (I have used it tremendously, even cooking a small Thanksgiving turkey in it years ago when my oven died), I started to panic. I had written a review for it on epinions.com and someone recommended I look on Craigslist. Interestingly enough, within about a week one was listed just an hour from me! So I bought it. I am looking for another one (this one is fine, but just in case….) just to have for that eventual horrible fate-filled day. It has seriously been my favorite appliance ever, and wish they would make it again.

  • just purchased my second on ebay. i had the first one for about 7 years – the toaster part still works but the gears that turned the bread machine finally gave out about 1 year ago. i took it apart and tried to find parts but no luck. it will be nice to once again make bread in the easy one, two, three fashion that the Toastmaster Hearth provides.

  • I have had mine for YEARS, I thought it died, put it in the garage, and before throwing it out, I tried it again, and it worked! The only problem is the gears are skipping, and it makes a scraping noise. Does anyone know if the belt is loose and might need tightening, or if the gears are bad, or the motor strength is to weak to accommodate the torque? Anything I can do to save this machine?

  • The model number for this machine is 11436. For those who were interested and didn’t get the information.

  • Sorry 1143S, I mistaken the S for a 6. Does anyone has a paddle?

  • I have a paddle I’ll send you.

    sheri wysong
  • send me an email at swysong @ frontier.com

    sheri wysong
  • I am sure hoping that there are other people with paddles, but no machines….. My mother lost the paddle to her Bread Bakers HEarth and has been distraught ever since. HELP!

    Richard Brown
  • I have a bakers hearth that took a electricla blow…so all I lost was the electronic board…wish someone had one….anyway…I have all the other parts, and manuel,etc…Just holler for what you need. My sis just called today ,needing the bottome gears, hers have worn out…
    I wish they would make them again…DANG IT….

    Lynn Sloan
  • OH…and the secret to making good bread in ANY bread maker….Ignore how they tell you to put the ingredients in…
    I put in my warm liquid, yeast, sugar, dry milk (and I add sourdough starter), then the flour…
    THE VERY LAST THING YOU ADD IS (I make a indent in the flour) THe oil, and then the salt pourinto the oil.
    The longer you keep the salkt away from the yeast, the better your bread will be !!! So you hide it in the oil !!
    Happy bread making….

    Lynn Sloan
  • Lynn,
    I really like this tip of putting an indent in the flour, pouring your oil there and adding the salt to the oil to keep it away from the yeast. Thanks for you tip.

  • I have a new one that hasn’t been used…although it’s out of its original box. It has all the parts and manual, so if you’d like to buy it, let me know weatherboy@weatheronline.com

  • I just purchased one of these at a second hand store and there are no racks. If anyone wants to sell a rack or two from a non-working one, please let me know. I bought it for the bread making, but I’d love to use it as a toaster oven, too.

  • Lynn Sloan;

    Our bread pan sprung a leak and there aren’t any parts so I would be interested in your bread pn if you still have it. Please reply to bilpath1@hotmail.com


    Bill Hmura
  • Thanks for everyone’s interest, but the breadmaker I had is now sold. (weatherboy@weatheronline.com)

  • I never purchase the same item again, but that has been different with my Toastmaster Breadmakers Hearth toaster oven. My first one ended up having the top element broken because the bread was so high. I was so happy to find out that I could get the exact same one since the store said it had been discontinued. I got an exact new one about 4 years ago thru E-bay and have made many loaves of bread and lots of toast. Once again the element is bending. I sure would like to find another one, but can’t. It seems that they would want to make a newer model of this applicance that all of us love. Does anyone know where there is another good condition breadmakers hearth toaster oven.

  • I love this bread machine. We have used the toaster oven feature almost as much as the bread machine. Today we tried to make pizza dough like we do at least twice a month, and the paddle wouldn’t turn. Have any of you experienced this problem and do you know if/how it can be fixed? I am desperate to keep this wonderful machine running! I just can’t bring myself to replace this one appliance with two (bread maker and toaster oven).

  • I am looking for a kneading blade. Does anyone have one to sell? Please contact me at quickdraw@woh.rr.com.

  • Aaahhhhh!!! I sooo need to find one of these! I own a candlenstoren& when we bought it yrs ago it came with the shop. Strangely enough, we use this in our candlemaking process & it is an integral part! We are expanding & need another one for our new location. I cannot seem to find one & have absolutely no idea what else we could use in place of it 🙁 Anyone by chance come across one or have any ideas? Thanx so much, hope someone can help 🙂

  • We have been using another bread machine, but the bread is too fluffy and falls apart. I would love to be able to use our Breadmaker’s Hearth again. I am looking for a bread pan as ours is leaking. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  • Is anyone looking for one of these? I have one still in the original box, opened but never used, that I am willing to sell. You can email me at Trektechjoe@yahoo.com if interested.

  • I have a model# 1193. I found it NEW in the box when cleaning out a friend’s house after she died.
    I used it a dozen times just to make toast. Seems wasteful for me to keep it. Asking $75.00 plus shipping or can be picked up in New Bern NC.

  • I forgot to leave my email address: laura25@suddenlink.net

  • Looking for a kneading blade for model 1193. Mom stopped using when she couldn’t find a replacement blade. She died several years ago and I’m just now getting around to search for a new blade. My email is: tdwhite50@gmail.com

  • Hi,
    I just found one used at a second had store for $7.99. It came with the book and all the parts except the bread pan handle. Does anyone have from their broken unit? I am interested in comments using it for broiling. In winter this is a great tool if it works! No outside grilling steaks in the cold.

  • I looking for a Toastmaster Breadmaker’s Hearth Breadmaker and Cook’s oven. Would appreciate it if anyone has one they would be willing to sell. I’ve had one for years. But I have only been able to use the oven part because I lost the breadmaking parts. Mine is so old I’d like to find a new or new-ish one with all the parts to it to have in case this one bites the dust one day. I’ve had it since they first starting making these things!

    Atlanta, GA


    Gary hoch
  • Ooops. I’m looking….not “I looking…” LOL!

    Gary hoch
  • Hi Heidi!

    I had mine for 15 years and LOVED it!! But, it never did broil very well. The broiler topped out at 5oo or so and never got hot enough to sear a steak. I loved the timer function on the bread machine. I’d set up the recipe the night before, put the pan in the ‘fridge and slide it into the oven when I left for work. Came home to freshly baked bread! *sigh* mine died yesterday…

  • I’m looking for the wire rack that goes with this oven if anyone has one that they’re willing to sell. Can’t seem to find mine and love this oven.

  • I’m looking for a wire rack that goes with this oven if anyone has one they are willing to sell.

  • I am looking to buy a toastmaster breadmaker hearth. I had one years ago and it wore out. I need to get another somewhere. Please let me know if you know of any out there.

  • Both my husband and I and my mother have had these fabulous machines for 15-18 years. My hubby just made 3 loaves of bread in the past week in ours. We too are looking for replacements when these finally bite the dust. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  • Recently my machine stopped working and will only continuously beep with all functions. Any troubleshooting or solutions to this issues?

  • I have one that I will be putting up for sale soon. Condition is new/unused, no box, with all instructions and VHS tape. There is a small chip in the paint on the top.

  • To Don

    I am very much interested in your Toastmaster Toaster Oven Bread Machine (mine just died).

  • I have had different bread machines over the years and this one is the very best….Mine so far is still working (thank you lord) and I found one at a lawn sale for my daughter. I see there have been a couple for sale but over a year ago. If anyone has one they would like to sell feel free to contact me at clynnp2006@hotmail.com

  • Don, I am interested in the one you have for sale. Please contact me at ruthlthompson@hotmail.com.

  • If anyone has a toastmaster breadmakers hearth and cooks oven for sale I would love to buy it. Mine is giving up on me and I really use it all the time. It’s perfect for one person.

  • I am looking for the Toastmaster Breadmaker’s Hearth breadmaker and cook’s oven model #114S. They are all “out of stock” on any website I’ve looked on. Please contact me if you have one for sale. Thank you

    Carol Bleich
  • I have for sale a Breadmaker & Cook’s Oven Model 1143S in perfect condition. I have all accessories including the bread pan, the kneading blade, the bread pan handle, the mixer cover, the bake/broil pan, the wire rack, and the instruction manual. The breadmaker and all accessories have been stored in the original packing and shipping box. The breadmaker was a gift and I have used it only several times. It works perfectly. I will be glad to provide photos and answer questions. Contact me at DLKruegel@comcast.net

    David Kruegel
  • I have one and absollutely love it. My sister wants one, what are you askig for it?

  • OK…I’m desperate…my baker’s hearth has died….I HAVE to have another one…we should picket Toastmaster until they start making them again…Anyone who has one, please email me Starcar97@yahoo.com

    Lynn Sloan
  • Oh.. I loved mine.. I live in the South and that machine was a life saver. I am currently looking for another one.. maybe even 2 so I have a back up. Go ahead and email me with Breadmaker in subject line if you have one. burdie741@gmail.com

  • I’ve had mine since January 1999 and I use it almost every day. 15-1/2 years! My decision to not broil in it may be the reason it has lasted so long. I’m sure the grease really mucks up the gears and electronics. The Achilles heel in these units is the bread pan gasket which starts to leak, then disintegrates. Mine did that two years ago. Naturally, the one part that has been sold out for years is the bread pan. I went to an old hardware store, you know the kind with boxes of spare parts behind the counter, and the owner found a nylon-type gasket that fit perfectly. And it is heat-resistant. Perfecto!

    Ben Benton
  • I’m on my second Toastmaster Breadmaker’s Hearth Breadmaker Model 1193 and bought it on Ebay four years ago but now the gasket on the bottom of the bread pan is frozen. Would love to find another bread pan but it sounds like they are no longer around. Does anyone have one? I’d love to keep this unit! OK, Toastmaster, it’s time to make these again!!! janaglenn96@yahoo.com.

    Jana Peterson
  • BREAD PAN AND PADDLE AVAILABLE. Pan and paddle only–for breadmaker’s hearth. I really loved this machine and used it a LOT. I thought someone might need the pan now that my machine finally stopped kneading the dough.

    Honey S.
  • BREAD PAN AND PADDLE AVAILABLE. Pan and paddle only–for breadmaker’s hearth. I really loved this machine and used it a LOT. I thought someone might need the pan now that my machine finally stopped kneading the dough

    Honey S.
  • I have had my Toastmaster Breadmakers Hearth Breadmaker and cooks oven, model # 1193. My breadpan has just started to leak. Where can I find a new bread pan? My husband is a whiz with electronics and electric equipment so he has kept this running for years past it’s shelf life and want to keep using it. HELP

    Cathy Jones
  • I have a Toastmaster Breadmakers Hearth lightly used that I just put up on Craigslist. .. email me at cswanger2427@yahoo if you want it… all accessories and manual (no original box)

    Chuck Swanger
  • I’ve had mine since late l998 and the mixing control for bread making has just stopped working. I am seriously upset/panicking since it is used every week for wheat bread and cinnamon-raisen bread. If anyone has a machine for sale please message me. timmindy62@yahoo.com Cannot understand Toastmaster not making these anymore…so disappointing. Will look around at second hand stores in the meantime.

    Mindy Smith

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