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Regal Kitchen Pro (K6745S)

The Regal Kitchen Pro 2 pound horizontal machine has simple controls and a sleek streamlined look. All of the most popular bread settings, including Super Rapid, Basic, Whole Wheat, French, Sweet, Quick Bread, Dough, Whole Wheat Dough, French bread Dough, Jam, and Bake Only. The most extraordinary feature of this machine is the Super Rapid mode. This mode will make a loaf of bread from start to finish in 69 minutes. Without a doubt, this is the fastest machine on the market. It is able to do this in part because you use 3-1/4 Tsp. of Bread Machine Yeast with 3 Cups of flour. This gives the recipe the boost that it needs to rise to the right height in the time allotted.

This machine has 6 buttons; these are used for timer setup, menu selection, stop, and start. To select the menu option you want you use the select up and down buttons to cycle through the options. When you get to the selection number, you want (1 to 11), you can, then select recipe size (1-1/2 or 2 pound) and crust color (light, medium, dark).

Setting the timer is easy. Using the timer up and down buttons you just select the time you want the bread finished. For example say it is 10 pm and you want the bread to be done at 7 am, it is 9 hours from 10 pm to 7am so you would set the timer for 9 hours and then press start.

As for the noise this machine makes, it isn’t too bad. It makes the most noise while kneading. The single paddle in the pan does a great job of kneading the dough. I have yet to find any unmixed ingredients in the corner of the pan.

I don’t like a few things about this machine. The pan is awkward to lock in to the machine. It goes in at a turned angle and then it is twisted in to place. I like the snap in pans better. In addition, it is an odd shaped horizontal pan. If your bread rises, too high you will have a tall somewhat odd shaped loaf of bread.

This machine comes with a full 1-year warranty. It also has a great manual and cookbook, with lots of recipes from breads to dough’s to jams and more. Overall, this is a nice machine. We made 40 loaves of bread using the various settings and some from the recipes included with the machine as well as from other cookbooks. They all turned out great. If you are looking for a bread machine that does a good job and you don’t mind having the option of 69-minute bread (and who wouldn’t), then the Regal Kitchen Pro (Model # K6745S) maybe just the machine you are looking for.

Purchase: The Regal Kitchen Pro (K6745S) has been discontinued.

  • My Regal Pro (c.1997) has recently been trashed because the bread pan was leaking into the machine. I use my bread machine on Dough cycle only, as I like to put it into a long loaf pan & bake in conventional oven. Perhaps that’s why the Regal lasted 11 years. I’m in the market to buy a replacement bread machine. Thanks for all the reviews.

    Mary Dolan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Mary Dolan
  • If your breadmaker is trashed – is there any chance I could get your knead attachment? I have the breadmaker and the instruction booklet but can’t find the little thingy that mixes the bread.


  • I have recently purchased this model at a yard sale, but need an instruction manual. Tracey, would it be possible to get a copy of the manual? Please let me know.

  • anyone has a owners manual to Regal ware kitchen pro Collection bread machine .. please if you don’t need it .. would you give it to me? Model K6745s…

  • Try looking for a manual on http://kitchen.manualsonline.com. I saw a K6745S on there, but didn’t find mine-6780. Many models were listed.

  • Found this website with the manual for sale ($10):

    Found this website stating Regal Ware INC information:

    Found this info:
    Consumer Services Department
    1675 Reigle Dr.
    Kewaskum, WI 53040
    Source: http://www.fixya.com/support/t135206-require_manual_k6746s

    Also this was helpful (model 6746): http://www99.epinions.com/review/pr-Regal_K6746S_Bread_Machine/hmgd-review-62D-357AF85E-39B3D936-prod5

    combined with the manual for K6743:

    Jay Em
  • I have a manual if anyone needs a copy, email me so we can make arrangements.

  • My K6745S just quit working during baking some bread. I unplugged it and replugged it in but it didn’t recycle or even come on. I have only used it maybe 15 times in the years that I have owned it. Can it be repaired or should I just buy a new bread maker?
    Please let me know.

    Yours truly,
    Mistie Harrison

    Mistie Harrison
  • Anyone have an extra manual?

  • Need a pan for Kitchen Pro Bread Maker K6743 as mine gave out and the maker would still work with a new pan. If anyone has a spare let me know

  • I’ve got a KP breadmaker that I think is kaput. I set it for white bread on setting one, it mixes for about 20 minutes, then bakes for 40. Doesn’t seem to be following the cycle settings and times.

    Broken? Anyway to set it?

    (The bread turns out about half the size of the bucket and like lead. Some of it is uncooked.)


    If it’s toast, I’ve got a manual and a bucket that someone can have if they need it.

    Doug, the failed breadmaker.

  • Have a Regal Kitchen Pro model K6743 and kneading paddle has been misplaced.
    Where can I find one? I have searched the ‘net with no luck.


  • I bought a regal kitchen pro breadmaker at a yard sale and need a manual. It is a model K6724 can you tell me what year this is? Thank you.

  • Hello Loraine:

    I see you have a Regal Model #5743. Well, so have I–a brand new one. I bought it several years ago after waiting several months for it. Then I never used it. And now I’m interested in selling it, but I don’t recall what I paid for it. Could you tell me how much you paid for yours? I’d really appreciate it.

    Virginia Frost
  • Hello again Loraine:
    I’m not sure if you’ll be given my e-mail address, so I’d better give it to you. vgfrost@comcast.net, or call me at (425) 335-7733. Thanks.

    Virginia Frost
  • i had one of these but it was recently destroyed in a fire and i need the original purchase value for insurance purposed. it was a wedding gift about 10 years ago so i have no idea… can anyone help?

  • What does HHH stand for when making loafs one after another–is the machine too hot

  • Does any one have a manual for a regal kitchen pro K6745S bread maker, if you do may I have a copy of it please or let me know where I can get one.

  • I bought the k6755 at a yard sale many years ago. It has probably made over 600 loafs of bread and almost as many pizza dough recipes. Half of the connection paddle under the container is broken, it leaks a little but keeps on working. It’s not long before it retires. There will be a ceremony. I’ll gladly pass on the manual and paddle when the time comes.

    Kim Webster
  • I have just purchased one of these machines recently and it sounds as if I’ve thrown rocks in a blender when it goes to heat. I’m not off my rocker for thinking that this can’t be good am i?

    kelly noyb
  • Yikes, thanks for all the warnings about this machine. Leaking pan? I assume leaking through the bottom where the paddle spindle attaches? I almost picked up a used one at a Value Village the other day to keep as a spare, but I thought I’d better check it out online first. I have to say I’m very happy with my Zojirushi X-20 (sounds like a spy plane). It’s well-built, sturdy, two paddles, horizontal pan, up to 2.5 loaf, has all the popular settings, plus a 10-minute ‘restore and continue bake cycle’ if the power goes off for any reason. It’s pricey, but I know I’ll never need another machine. http://www.pleasanthillgrain.com/zojirushi_bread_makers.aspx if you want to check it out. By the way, the most common way to lose the paddle is it comes out embedded in the bottom of a loaf, you don’t eat that last bit because it got all dry and hard, and then you throw it out. The X-20 has paddles that lock into place so they won’t come out with the loaf.

  • I am in need of a Sour Dough Rolls recipe for my bread maker on the dough setting (K6745S). I have my starter ready and waiting (my sour baby is almost two weeks old lol). It has made an awesome loaf of bread already but now I want to try making some dinner rolls with that great sour dough taste. Any suggestions on how many ? cups of flour plus 1 cup stater I should use? and the amount of yeast??? Thank you so much in advance!

    Mary Beav
  • For the cookbook-manual for the K6745S and it looks like all the rest, go to http://www.regalware.com/en_lang/breadmakers_literature.htm
    they are pdf format. you can download them or print them out.

  • I can’t find the attachment that mixes the bread. If anybody has this, I would buy it from you, let me know. wellsan@uwec.edu

    andrea wells
  • Hello, Ihave a K67455 I got years ago and love it. It has never leaked, clunked or caused us any concern. I am making banana bread with it right now-

  • Hey all you folks looking for the kneading blade try ebay search bread machine paddle, i havent found any anyplace else. karen

  • http://www.megaheart.com/pdf/RegalBreadmakerK6725.pdf
    From the link someone posted earlier I found this link which someone was nice enough to scan the full manual. Recipes and all. Im so glad as I have misplaced mine since my move. We absolutely love the pizza dough recipe. I highly suggest making it with olive oil it tastes wonderful. FYI I bought my machine about 8(?)yrs ago and paid $38. New in box. Best money ever spent!!!

  • I have a breadmaker #K6743. It works and I have a manual, but in a recent move we lost the KNEADING BLADE. If anyone has this model they are giving up on, can I have your kneading blade? I would be happy to pay shipping, etc. Thank you!

  • I have a #K6732 as well and am in need of a replacement blade (or a good way to re-do the non-stick surface. I found this website today that may have new/replacement paddles for it!!


    Not sure how many are in-stock if at all.

  • Hi All,

    The answer to everyone’s question for a manual for their K6745S, can be found here at

    It is a scanned copy, complete with recipes. YES!!!

  • Need parts list for K6742 or K6743 Regal Kitchen Pro Breadmaker.

    email please roane4@comcast.net

  • I have a Regal Kitchen pro model number K6743 and I need a replacement pan for it. The machine works fine but the gaskets in the bottom of the pan have fallen out so liquid is leaking out and rusting my machine. Does anyone know where I could find a pan for it?


  • If you are looking for a replacement paddle for the Regal Kitchen Pro K6745S breadmaker, I have found that the paddle for the Oster 5838 also fits the Kitchen Pro machine. It works great and is cheaper and easier to find. Other paddles may work as well.

    Patrice Kapur
  • I have the K6745 S model,,i lost my cookbook manual,, does anyone have the reciepe for the basic white bread,they could e-mail me.It calls for the bread yeast and the powdered milk an egg flour salt,butter? Can’t remember ,help !!! Thank you Debbie in Misery.Missouri

  • I recently recieved a regal bread machine from my grandmother. I couldn’t wait to try it out but after I added all ingredients and pushed start the machine beeped and the “too hot” light came on. I am somewhat expeirenced in handmaking bread so before adding I researched online what the water temp should be and found that it did not matter. I added room temperature water…all I can figure is that the machine is broken or my house may be too hot (lol). I tried holding in the reset button, unplugging it and trying again…no luck. Noe I am left with a gooey mess..I’m quite sure i will be unable to rescue it since the water temp was never measured. Anyone?

  • I am happy to scan and email recipes or instructions from the booklet for the Regal breadmaker. I am looking to buy a paddle – I absentmindedly dumped mine in the composter one day- I found it a couple months later, completely corroded! KandElvis@gmail.com

  • I need an instructions booklet for a Regal Kitchen Pro bread maker model number k6725. I also need a new belt. The belt disintegrated the last time I used it. It works great but I am guessing on recipes.

    Judy Miller
  • Has anyone tried making spelt bread in this bread maker.Could I please have recipe.

  • I am also looking for a replacement pan for model K6743 – an otherwise very trustworthy machine.


    Terra Spencer
  • I am looking for a pizza doough recipe to make with Regal Kitchen Pro K6742
    > I seem to have lost the manual. Please help

  • I have the Kitchen Pro Model K6743 . Haven’t used it in a coon’s age. Want to try it on the dough cycle and bake in oven . Any tips to get a good result ? thanks .

  • To Alice: Do you still need the pizza dough recipe from the K6742 manual? Been making pizza using this recipe for almost 15 yrs. My family loves it! Email me at philisd@hotmail.com and I’ll scan and email it to you.

    BTW, I’m in need of a new pan for my K6742–anyone have any luck with previous suggestions?

  • Very happy with my REGAL K6725 BUUUT it just ate the drive belt. Does anyone have a suggestion for where to find a replacement? Any ideas about substitutions? Thanks.

  • I have a Kitchen Pro breadmaker K6745S. I lost my recipe book due to moving. If someone can give me a copy of this book, I would appreciate it.

    Linda Lockhart February 17, 2011 12:15pm

    linda Lockhart
  • The bread pan for my Regal K6743 has a failed (split) gasket. I recall there is a guy someplace in Ohio who repairs them by sending him the pan. I actually used him many years ago when the gasket failed the first time, but I have misplaced his contact info. Anyone have that contact ot someone else who can replace the gasket?

  • To Robert (22 Nov 10): We only use our K6743 to prepare dough for either loaf pans or braiding. The first 10 minutes are crucial to get the proper consistency of the dough; adjust flour or liquid in small increments to get a nice dough ball with clean sides on the pan.

  • you can get a free down load of all the bread machine model at http://www.regalware.com

  • i am looking for a dough blender for my regal bread maker # k6773 any one have any ideas i found them on e-bay for $20. but that seems a bit steep regal no longer makes bread machines and mine is useless without it.

  • I love my Kitchen Pro K6745S, but I need a replacement pan because the bushing at the paddle is broken. Does anyone have one I can buy or know where I can have mine repaired?

    Linda McFetridge
  • If you can find a bread pan for the K6745s, it may be just as expensive as buying the entire machine (including bread pan and paddle) on Ebay. I watched Ebay for about four months and one finally came up for sale. I bought it and found another for sale a month late. I grabbed both for about $40 each. I have seen paddles for sale at $20 each (crazy!!!).

  • I need a new bread pan for my K6743 bread maker. The bottom gasket came out, I cleaned it and shoved it back in place and it worked for a couple of weeks, but now it’s leaking black gunk into my bread. I’d be glad to pay for a new pan.

    Tara Meyer
  • I also need a bread pan for my K6743. I have used it for 20 years, usually for dough and tonight I had little pieces or rubber in my pizza dough. Apparently the gasket finally decided it had enough. If anyone has a pan and would like to sell it, please let me know.

    Kathi Wilson
  • You can print a copy of manuals at http://www.regalware.com

    laura bernstein
  • I have the manual for the Regal Kitchen Pro K6745S. If you send me your address, I will mail it to you.

    Linda McFetridge
  • I am looking to sell my Regal Kitchen Pro bread maker for $25.00 It is in wonderful condition, have only used it a handful of times. It makes great breads, but I don’t have the time anymore and I recently moved so I don’t have the counters space. If anyone is interested, please let me know…. thanks.

  • Sarah August 11th, 2011at 9:43pm,
    I am interested in purchasing your bread machine. Please email me and we will make arrangements.
    Thank you,

  • I was given or handed down a bread maker, Regal model K6773 as “gift”! As I love freshly baked bread, want to try it out, but the manual is missing, is there a way I can get one please??!!

  • I too need a pan for my kitchenpro #k6743 breadmaker, as the gasket under the paddle has corroded.thank you

  • just today my daughter destroyed the paddle for our Regal Kitchen Pro Breadmaker K6745 in the garbage disposal! Right after we found the perfect recipe for Pizza dough and were looking forward to yummy home-made pizza for some time to come! HELP!!! Someone please let me know how to find one!

  • I have a kitchen Pro Breadmaker theat needs a drive belt.
    the belt measures 11 7/8″ doubled and 23 5/8″ around the outside.
    Does anyone know where to get a new one?

  • I also needed a drive belt for kitchen pro bread maker model k6725. I tried all over (ebay, hardware stores, amazon, etc.) I found a drive belt at http://www.breadmakerguru.com It came in a few days and was $14.99 no tax or shipping charges. When I opened up my breadmaker to find that drive belt was broken (before I got the new one of course), I noticed string around the motor wheel. I took this off. Was I supposed to leave it on?

  • The string around the motor wheel is just the cords from the old belt. It should be removed. Did the replacement belt fit? Was it grooved like a serpentine belt in a car? There is a bunch of bad stuff about the breadmakerguru website on line. You got your order wothout a hitch?

  • This is the hottest place I ever found for bread maker manuals:



    Diane Schmitz
  • I have a bread machine maker regal Kitchen care but I need a copy of the breadmaker guide and cook book for Model # K6746S
    Please email me if you have another copy of one that I can get
    Thanks Casrolyn

    Carolyn Milne
  • I was recently gifted a brand new NEVER used Regal Kitchen Pro bread maker (still unopened box). Not interested and looking to sell for $50 to someone who could appreciate and use it. If interested please send your email address. Thanks.

  • I need the instruction manual for my Regal Bread Machine Model number K6745S. I would like to start making my own bread. If you can help me find it i would greatly appreciate it.

    Nita Connor
  • I also would like some recipes if anyone has any to spare. Thanks

    Nita Connor
  • I accidently threw my paddle away to my Regal Kitchen Pro Breadmaker Model no. K6745S Anyone have a broken machine or one to spare?

    Cheri Reed
  • If you’re interested in a breadmaker for replacement parts or to bake bread, try a resale shop like Goodwill, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, American Cancer Society, etc. I just came from the local Goodwill (our population is about 40,000), where I saw three breadmakers, a Regal Kitchen Pro, a Zobiruchi (spelling?), and an Hitachi HB-B201 that appeared in good shape. They ranged in price from $9.99 to $7.99 (the Hitachi was the least expensive)and appeared to have all the basic stuff in place, like paddles gaskets,etc. With Goodwill, I have a week to determine if the breadmaker works to get my money back. I hope this helps.

    Lawna House
  • P.S. Last night, I put the hoped-for (from Goodwill) breadmaker make and model number in a Google search and found/copied a free user manual someone had scanned and uploaded from their own copy. I wonder if those of you who need manuals can’t do the same thing? Hopefully, that will work. Good luck 🙂

    Lawna House
  • I miss placed the kneading blade on my regal kitchenpro K6748s model. If anyone knows wher to find one pleasr email.




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