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Breadman Ultimate TR-2200C

Breadman UltimateThe Breadman Ultimate TR-2200C is a well-built easy to use and powerful bread machine. It is a traditional or horizontal shaped pan and is capable of making 1, 1.5, and 2-pound loaves. It features 35+ bread cycle settings and an extras ingredient dispenser. The 35+ bread cycle settings can be a little misleading if you don’t understand what is happening. You get basic bread, basic rapid, whole wheat, rapid whole wheat, French bread, sweet bread, batter bread/cake, jam, dough, pasta dough, and personal recipe cycles. That is ten primary cycles. The rest of the 25+ cycles come from what you select for the crust darkness and loaf size. You also end up with more cycles when you use the extras program and delay bake modes. Suffice it to say you get more than enough modes and with the personal and program cycles you can custom program whatever you need. They classify all of these as different cycles because a 2-pound white cycle is different from a 1-1/2 pound white cycle. The 2-pound bakes longer and at a different temperature. There are a few weak areas. For example, I would like to be able to use the delay timer with the dough cycle; I would also like to be able to use the extras ingredient dispenser with the dough cycle. Currently, both options are unavailable.

I was worried about how well this machine was going to knead the dough. With the pan, being wider than it is deep and having only one kneading paddle, I figured that the ingredients in the corners of the pan wouldn’t be mixed in and kneaded. To my surprise, this didn’t happen. Overall, I was very impressed with how this one paddle machine kneads. My only other complaint aside from the dough cycle limitations is that the pan shape is a bit awkward. It tends to make a taller loaf of bread than I would like. If the pan were, an inch or so wider it would be better. However, this shape is still much more useable than the old vertical loafs from the machines.

We made white bread, wheat bread, quick white bread, jam, bread dough, batter breads, and cakes. They all turned out great. The only thing that you have to keep an eye out for is how you measure your ingredients. Make sure you follow good measuring practices. In addition, when making jam with fruit juice the paddle tends to splash some of the juice on to the insides of the machine, but the jam and jellies are great. The best way to deal with the splashing is to put foil over the pan.

The Breadman Ultimate is one of the few machines on the market with a 24-hour delay timer. This is great for people that can plan that far ahead. Me I am a last minute type of person. Just remember when using the timer that you can’t use any ingredients that will spoil. This goes for eggs, milk, cream, butter, etc.

If this machine doesn’t have a cycle that will work for what you want to do, you have two choices. One, you can use the “Personal Recipes” mode and create your own cycle from start to finish. This mode allows you to control the amount of time for all areas of the cycle, including using the extras dispenser, pre-heat time, knead 1 time, knead 2 time, rise 1 time, punch down, rise 2 time, shaping, rise 3 time, baking and keep warm times. All of this programming is done before you assemble the ingredients. What this means is you program the machine, assemble the ingredients, put the pan in the machine, start the machine and come back when it is all done.

Your second choice is using the “program” mode. What this allows you to do is to take an existing cycle like Whole Wheat and change the times for that cycle. Once you have made the changes to the selected cycle, the Breadman Ultimate `97 will factor in the variations for the 1, 1.5, and 2-pound and the light, medium, and dark variations for that cycle.

Also, included is an instructional video, an instructions book and a recipe book. The video that came in the package was much damaged and was useless. However, I have been assured that if I called them they would have sent a replacement. Things like this tend to happen even to the best of videotapes.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Breadman Ultimate. It worked perfectly and without making a single doorstop. If you’re looking for a new machine or if you want to upgrade to a better machine, this is definitely one I would look at.

  • I had one of these machines for 10 years…and it makes fantastic bread. However, it vibrated off the cupboard. I want to buy another just like it. Where can I get one?

    Carol Johnston
  • The breadman 2200 is the machine I have been looking for…how can I get it?

    Carol Johnston
  • I love making fresh bread for the morning but I still cannot figure out the delay cycle. I start the machine at bed time but when I get up it is usually a bit shruncken and not very fresh tasting. Please explain the the “delay start” feature of this machine. The machine itself is very noisy. The bread turns out great but we live in a small house & have to sleep at night. What am I doing wrong???

  • This appears to have been discontinued. It is not available anywhere.

  • About the delay cycle, a best practice is to time the bread to finish the cycle when you are there to take it out of the pan. For me this is in the morning (so it starts when I am still sleeping), or evening (so it starts when I am at work). The bread in general needs to be taken out of the pan as soon as the cycle is done, so it can properly cool. The TR2200C will keep warm for 45 minutes to help in case you don’t get it out in time. But like you say, it will shrink a bit and the steam will condense on the loaf pan.
    I have had mine for about 6 years and have gone through 2 loaf pans (due to using it 1-2 times per week). The machine is well engineered and works well. I am very happy with mine.

  • I have this model for over two years now and have been very pleased with it. I did use it on a weekly base. However, a few weeks ago the drive shaft in the pan came out and the replacement part mentioned in the manual is not available anymore. I could not find it anywhere, new or used. Too bad… The company taking care of their service does not carry that part (P/N 22399) anymore. Any model replaced from the market should provide replacement parts for longer time but Salton’s policy seem to be different.

  • Reply to CARR re: Delay Setting
    It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but it’s really easy. EJ mentioned that you do have to take out the bread right as it finishes baking for best results. In taste and appearance. Nothing tastes better than fresh homemade bread.
    Also, I recommend using the full cycle instead of the “quick bread” options for the delay since you won’t be as pressed for time (you’re sleeping).
    So here it goes: If you go to bed at 10 pm and get up at 7:30 am and want the bread freshly baked by then, you have to program the machine for a 9 hour 30 minute delay. (Add the hours from the time you SET the machine to the time you want the bread to be FINISHED, don’t worry about the rest, the machine figures it out) Another example, if you go to work at 8 am and want fresh bread by 6 pm you would program the machine for a 10 hour delay.
    You can program up to 24 hours in advance, but do take into consideration that some ingredients may spoil when left out for too long and if you are not careful when adding ingredients, you may even prematurely activate the yeast. Good Luck and Happy Baking!

  • Mine just died after 3 1/2 years of service baking 3-4 loaves per week (I also had to change the pan for $40 after the joint started leaking oil 18 months ago).
    All in all it’s a good machine with a couple of annoyances:
    1)It’s pretty flimsy (for example the pan has a tendency to “escape” during kneading and may end up bent in the process)
    2)It’s noisy enough that you don’t want to be around during kneading
    Also the pan shape is not ideal if you like fluffy french/italian bread because above 1 pound the loaf is way too tall.

    Re:Carr if you’re making bread on white or french cycle you should create a custom cycle with 20 minutes of pre-heating (and otherwise identical to the cycle you were going to use). I had the same problem and that solved it (full cycle and taking the bread out as soon as it’s done as well). It’s not needed for the other kinds of bread as pre-heating is included in the other default cycles. Good luck!

  • I just ordered the TR2500C ULTIMATE PLUS BREAKMAKER on Amazon and now I notice that there is the TR2200-C. What is the difference? I hope the one I ordered is as good as the one you review here.

    Obie D.
  • Two things to watch for:
    1) paddle starts coming off the spindle: hole in the spindle slowly gets bigger and bigger after just a coupe years of use. Other brands don’t have this problem because their spindle is made from stronger material.
    2) be sure to use a spatula to incorporate all the ingredients from the corners into the dough
    Other than this, it’s a decent machine. Not great, but okay.

  • Thanks, Mike. Since I plan to use this on “automatic” to have bread ready in the morning or when I get home from work, I’m concerned about the need to baby it by scraping the dough from the edges. Doesn’t that make the automation useless, if it is necessary to do this every time?

    Obie D.
  • I have the Breadman Ultimate Plus TR2500BC, I am having a very hard time getting the bread done in the center. It bakes it well, and I use the cycle the book says to use, but still have not been able to get a loaf of bread completely done. Anyone know why?

  • We’ve been making bread in this machine for 10 years. It has been reliable and very consistent, once you find the right combination of rise, rest and bake times for the particular flours that you like the best. One essential feature we won’t give up is the ability to pause the machine, then resume where it left off. This allows us to remove the paddle before the final rise. Hallelujah, no giant hole in the bottom of the loaf. The pause feature is also nice for making cinnamon swirl breads. We are baking using the french bread cycle for the longer rise times. Overall this has been a great machine. It would be nice if they made the wearing parts (spindle, paddle and seals) tougher and available for home repair of the pan. They failed after 2 years and now again 8 years later. But overall we really like this bread machine.

  • I googled to find your site. I received a Breadman as a gift and love it but it just stopped working. Like it has no power. I live in a remote rural area and was wanting to find out about possibilities of repair. So…I need to know who to contact for that purpose. Can you help? Thank you. Debra

  • Mine does not have a “sweet bread” cycle, but it does have “fruit & nut”. Are these the same? I want to make Portuguese Sweet Bread and all of the recipes I have found just say to select the “sweet bread cycle”. If mine doesn’t have it, does anybody know of a custom setting? Thanks!

  • I have a TR2500BC and need a new bread pan (P/N 22399). I believe it is the same pan for tr2200 and tr4000. Anyone interested in selling theirs? Or anyone need the machine? I would hate to waste the machine.

  • I need a replacement pan for the Breadman Ultimate Plus TR2500BC. Also a user’s manual.

  • Hi, just got mine at a thrift store and I’m new at this, the manual is available online at http://lee.org/cooking/Breadman%20Ultimate%20Manual%20TR2200C.pdf. The pan is a little scratched, so if anyone finds a supplier for the replacement (p/n 22399) please let me know. Thanks!

    Idgy Vaughn
  • Idgy, thank you so much for the link to the manual! I had misplaced mine and couldn’t find it on the web myself. My daughter loves the homemade bread out of the recipes and I’ve never used a reciped out of one of my other cookbooks for fear that it wouldn’t turn out right. You’re a lifesaver! I received mine as a gift and love it, I’ve used it for breads and doughs. thanks again.

  • This is the absolute worst machine I have ever used. I have had far more failures than successes. Do NOT buy this machine.

  • I’ve had my Breadman Ultimate for 7 years and it still makes fantastic bread. Last night I went to make raisin bread and the “add extras” dispenser did not add the raisins. I cannot remember when the extras are supposed to be added so I added them manually today only to end up with pulverized raisins. I called the number on the back of the manual, went through the automated system, was on hold for ten minutes when it told me I was #16 in line! I hung up. I need to know if when you choose “add extras” is the display “add extras” supposed to stay present on the display or does it disappear? Also, when does the dispenser add the extras during the kneading cycles? I can’t troubleshoot whether my machine needs to be looked at or not without getting these questions answered. I’m very frustrated.

  • I have had my TR2200c for years and it is great. Has stood up to frequent use. I called Salton today to buy a new pan and sadly it is no longer made. The paddle on mine has just started to wear a little on the nonstick surface. Sharon, remember that if you select ADD Extras you cannot lift the lid of the machine before the extras have been added or the feature is disabled. What I do if I want to check my dough is check it? adjust if necessary, and then restart the cycle. Otherwise no peeking. Extras are added I think 3 or 5 mins before the end of th final knead so as not to pulverize them. I use this feature a lot. Love my Breadman but Salton should keep pans and other parts availablelonger.

  • I lost my paddle. Called Salton months ago and they said they had been on back order. called again and still on back order. Why can’t they have parts more available. My machine is not that old so I’m not going out to buy a new one. I’m missing out on a lot of good bread.

    Sharon Sherwood
  • has anybody found a source for a breadpan for the breadman ultimate plus? mine went south and salton tells me they are unavailable having been discontinued [the three rivet models] and yet they are selling new breadman ultimate plus machines.

    kg rush
  • I am having same issue with breadpan. I cannot believe they are no longer available, my model is a 2008.

    My son has mutitple food allergies, including dairy and soy. I use this breadpan to make bread for him as most store bought loaves are made with soybean oil. I wanted to buy an additional pan to bake loaves of bread we could eat and not worry about cross contaminating ingredients my son is allergic to.

    If anyone finds a source for the breadpan, please post. All in all, pleased with the machine, just not pleased with replacement parts, or actually, lack thereof.

  • I’m having a problem with my Breadman Ultimate. Every time I bake a loaf, it doesn’t rise properly – it comes out much flatter and heavier than usual and is inedible. I happened a few times – I tried different flour, new yeast, etc (just in case the yeast was the problem), but nothing seems to work. The Breadman is about 4 years old, and I have never had this problem before. Has anyone experienced this, and does anyone have a solution?

  • The drive shaft in the bread pan broke today and after searching the Internet for a while and reading these other entries, I have to conclude that replacing the pan doesn’t look too promising. Salton sold out to another company. Could this be the reason that they stopped making replacement parts? I am very disappointed since the machine is not that old, perhaps 2-3 years and I have only used it on the average of once per week. I long for the time when things were built to last!

    Wanda Arnold
  • Sorry company when it comes to replacement parts. Our unit is less than 2 years old and the pan is no longer available. Bad part about it is they are still selling the same unit. Wait till people find out about this scam!

  • This is by far the best breadmaker I have ever owned. The wheat bread cycle is excellent – even without using vital gluten, it rises well. I would like to correct what people are saying about parts. I called Salton just now: 800-233-9054, and was easily able to order a replacement 3-rivet pan (the shaft in my current one is very wobbly so it’s probably not very sanitary). It’s on back-order but it will be coming in January 1st and I’ll have it 10 business days after that.

    barbara wright
  • Donna, the 2200c does not have a sensor on the lid, so there is no way it would know if you lifted the lid and disabled the “add extras” function. If you leave the lid up when the dispenser activates the extras will not drop, because the trap door on the lid is activated by a solenoid in the body of the machine.

  • I haven’t used my breadman ultimate in about 5-6 months, and I took it out today to use it — and the bowl won’t pop into the machine. Nothing obviously wrong, it just won’t go all the way down. Is this a common problem? What should I do? THe machine is only three years old.

    Cristina Adams
  • I have to take issue with the information that the bread pan is available for the TR2200C. I called the number above given by Barbara and was told that there is no bread pan available for this machine since August and there are no plans to manufacture more, back orders or no.
    What a shame, the unit works beautifully and only has a leaky gasket in the bread pan.
    Are there any hacks for fixing this out there?

  • Just an addition: I’m referring to a 4 rivet pan.

  • Hi, I had the same problem with a leaky pan & no replacement. My fix was incredibly easy & effective–just apply a little Crisco to each rivet (on the inside). It stopped the leak cold! I tested it with 1 & 1/2 C. hot water, and the leaking was completely eliminated! I hope this works for people because I must say the alternatives are very frustrating. The closest “new” alternative I found was to buy a 3-rivet replacement pan, part #B2500C-02 for $35.90 from Applica. This does cover S&H, but you just kind of hate to do it. I called 800-233-9054 for this. They also have an overpriced replacement paddle which fits both pans; Amazon has the cheapest paddles anywhere I could find, including Ebay. It’s really kind of a racket. I had my TR2200C for about 10 years though & overall had very good results. It has the most flexibility with its many settings, but is not difficult to use.

  • I have been using the Breadman Ultimate 2500BC for about five months. Now it won’t work. Nothing shows up in the reader panel. I’ve plugged it into different outlets and pushed all the setting buttons, but nothing shows up. Any suggestions?

  • I have the TR2500BC. It worked great for a year baking 2-3 loaves a week. However last week the seal around the driveshaft went bad causing the liquid to leak out. It is a slow leak, so this is only a problem using the delayed timer. Baking loaves immediately works fine. I ordered a new pan from partsstore.com for $20 and also ordered a new paddle for $10. With tax and shipping this was $40, almost 1/2 thc cost of a new unit.
    Still, the unit works well and I have no complaints.

  • Anybody know the the setting limits for the custom cycle options. I can’t seem to find published anywhere the time ranges for custom settings? ie: exactly how long can you set KNEAD 2 ?


  • My white westinghouse breadmaker displayed nothing when it is pluged in. I checked the outlet, it works fine. Anyone have idea?

  • Thank u so much for this site! Got the machine several yrs ago as gift & can’t remember where manual is. Thanks to u, I downloaded the PDF- just what i was looking for! Yay! Am trying gluten-free bread mix for 1st time in machine & didn’t want to blow it. Wish me luck. All the best to you.

  • The Add Extras lid on my Breadman Ultimate broke at the hinges years ago, so it almost always falls off if I lift the lid during baking. Also, I’ve had the same problem with the bread pan popping off the motor shaft during kneading — I thought it was just me not seating the pan securely in the machine, but apparently it’s not.
    Granted all that, I have enjoyed having a bread machine that can make (more or less) horizontal 2-lb. loaves; my first 2 machines were both 1 1/2 lb. vertical loaf models. I bought my Breadman Ultimate as a refurb on eBay, and I may well try eBay again when I’m ready to replace the Breadman, as I can hope to score a nice bread machine used for the price of a cheapo new machine that way. That might also be a way to find highly-rated discontinued bread machines (such as the West Bend reviewed elsewhere on this site). On the other hand, if other Breadman users are looking for spare parts/repair parts for their machines, those are available on eBay, too. (I spotted quite a few while browsing bread machines there today.)

    Catherine A. McClarey
  • The part-ordering information is really hard to track down for the TR2200C. I just ordered a replacement pan and paddle for $46 for the TR2200C model and the parts ARE available at this website: http://www.prodprotect.com/breadman.asp.

    I called this: Parts & Accessories:
    Phone: 1-800-738-0245 and got excellent customer service.

    As for this product, I love to use it to make bread dough, but not to bake in. It’s way more efficient and useful for my family to make a double-loaf recipe and mix it using the bread machine. Then I make two 900g loaves in regular bread pans in the oven. If you don’t like the bread you get by baking it in the bread machine, don’t despair!! There’s nothing that says you can’t bake it in a regular oven!! I love the fact that I take control of my family’s bread ingredients and don’t need to buy bread at the store!

  • I am making gluten free bread, it is coming out too solid i.e. not rising enough, I have gluten free bread mix with yeast and following instructions as given on packet/box of premix

  • Wow, thanks for the tips. I too ordered a 3-rivet replacement pan from Applica for my TR2500BC for $35.90. Sure enough, the customer service number in the manual took me right there.

    Jeff B
  • For Cristina from Jan. 5, in case you haven’t figured this out yet (but you probably have)– you need to turn the bread pan upside down and turn the connector halfway. What’s happening is it has just happened to align the same way as the other half it connects with (down in the machine), so they are bumping against each other. Turn either of them a half-turn and it should fit fine.

    We have had ours for 3-4 years, rarely using it. Last week my wife began to use it almost daily– and suddenly today it has completely died. The only sign of life is the interior light bulb still comes on when the top door is open. I guess the electronics finally died. Sounds like they don’t make these anymore, so time to get something different. Oh well. We loved the results we got from this one.

  • I have a TR2200C that has been in faithful service for about 3 years. I don’t generally use the baking feature, but it is the best machine there is for preparing dough. I can have pizza dough perfect and ready in about an hour.

    There are quite a few parts available here:


    It is the washer that came loose on mine. I eventually cracked and disappeared. I haven’t been able to find a replacement yet. I think I’ll just take the pan to my local hardware store and see if I can find a washer that fits. I just put the flour in the pan first and that prevents leaking, sufficient to keep it working.

    As for replacement paddles, those are available here (for about $10.00 a piece):


    Hope that helps.

  • I have had a couple of Breadmans. The first was nice and quiet but the pan wasn’t a very good non-stick and the paddle hole wore out. All of the replacements I could locate came with a larger diameter hole to begin with so I could no longer use the machine.

    I received a new model as a gift. It had an improved non-stick pan but the beeper was ridiculously loud. I used it weekly anyway. after about two years I started making bagels so only used the Dough cycle. The motor has now begun straining during the knead stage and there is an electrical smell coming from it. I dread making the phone call where you wade through automation only to wait indefinitely for a live person. Then you have to ship it off somewhere or drive to an auth. repair tech.

    I am contemplating investing in a decent stand mixer. I stopped using the machine to bake and the mixers have relatively heavy duty motors. They are 3x more but I can make whipping cream and cheese cake with it so all is not lost.

    It is really a scam the way they have designed the whole bread machine business…….constantly replacing models and using cheap materials for the critical parts. Then they don’t continue to stock parts long after the model expires. I say, “Boycott bread machines!” and use a decent stand mixer and your oven.

    MIke who loves bread
  • How can I find and print the manual to TR2200

  • A note to all who are looking for a replacement Applica’s authorized part source for the Breadman bread machines is foxpartstore.com and their 800# is 800-738-0245. I called them about a pan for our TR2200c (actually to inquire as to whether a TR2500BC pan would fit the Tr2200c) and discovered that they have pans for the TR2200c available for only $14.95, so I promptly ordered one.

  • I have Schar Gluten free Classic White Bread Mix…it has a yeast package within and is made with rice …it does say you can use a bread machine select basic program (approxiamtely 3.5 hours)..my machine is a Breadman Ultimate..what do I put on instructions

    barry wolcott
  • I have a couple of these I will be listing on eBay,…the model is P/N 22399 and I know for sure that it fits the Ultimate Plus TR2500BC, 2 lb pan…it probably fits some of these other ones, too. Stop by later today and I’ll have them listed. On eBay seller great-deals-u-win or link to my listings….


  • January 2011 UPDATE – TR220C Pan availability!
    I just bought a replacement pan for the TR2200C for $11.95 plus $1.95 shipping. Total delivered cost = $14.90
    I own 3 Breadman TR2200C breadmakers. My third & last pan finally started to leak so I was faced with changing bread makers or searching again for replacement pans.
    The part is available at this web page-
    They list both the three rivet & the 4 rivet versions (I bought a 3-rivet pan).
    The web page above is for the TR2500BC bread machine. So I called the listed toll-free number
    I waited about thirty minutes to get to a person but they were very nice & helpful. They assured me that the part# B2500C-02 would indeed fit the TR2200C so long as I had the three rivet version.
    I ordered the pan online on January 13, 2011 and received it 9 days later.
    It fits. The pan is slightly smaller than the original pans. The bottom corners are more rounded & the side indentations are bit more pronounced. This makes sense. I always have to push the ingredients toward the middle to get a 1-lb recipe started. If I don’t do that, the paddle just makes a puddle in the middle that it stirs. I suspect the rounded corners will help the pan to work better by pushing the ingredients toward the center. That means that the pan is slightly smaller but only by about 150 cc (a 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup in volume).
    I can not vouch for the 4-rivet version, part# 20275, which costs $18.95.
    I have made one loaf of bread in the new pan with my TR2200C and it worked fine.
    To restore my 3 machines I have ordered 3 more of these pans. The shipping was just $2.95 for the order, so three more will only cost $38.80 total, delivered!

  • I have three breadmakers ! I have the zorigushi which is a more expensive model! I am more satisfied with this breadman machine the breadman ultimate 97! works awesome. I also have a smaller breadmachine by hitachi that works great!!
    my favorite is this latest one the ultimate 97′

    makes great bread works great with one one paddle!! love the nut and fruit dispenser!!

  • I was looking for more info on the Rapid Cycle on the Breadman and noticed

    a number of people complaining about loose pan and noise. I found it I “gently” pulled/re-bent
    the clips so they put more pressure on the pan fittings, the noise was substantially abated and the pan was not loose.

    I have reasonably strong hands but I would still recommend DON’T USE PLIERS OR TOOLS.
    The kind of metal on the clips can grow brittle over time so bending them slowly out by hand is the safe thing to do (I’ve been doing it for over 5 years.)

    I think anyone who expects the pan fittings on any machine to last forever is doomed to disappointment. I have Breadman 2200C and 2200WWC (both called Ultimate I think). I have Zojirushi BBCC – X20, and Zojirushi BB-CEC-20. The first “Z” had failed pan I think about 1 1/2 years into usage. I would have wagered the “Z” was a better made machine, but I think the pan shaft fittings take a lot of wear or strain if one has too wet a loaf or too big a loaf.
    My first “B” machine was purchased in 1999; I gave it to someone who needed to make bread due to wife’s allergies, and it still is running fine. My other two were purchased in 2000 and again in 2002. Do I have a large family? Nope. But I do like to bake bread, have experimented to allow making and getting good rise out of stone ground whole wheat loaves, no white, no light, only the WW and I add any number of things to make different loaves.

    I have several bread making books, but I think I learned the most from the Bread Maker Magic two books I have; I like the fact that they asked one common question and admitted there was no answer!

    I think books like these help one diagnose recurring problems. I figured out on my own (I live in Florida) that despite maintaining humidity under 50% in my home, when we have a humid day or series of days I either reduce water by a tablespoon or add a tbsp of flour or both.
    Equally, when we have the rare, cool and dry day, I always add a tablespoon extra in the prep; I always check about time the first kneading cycle accelerates to see dough texture and moisture and, while I’m at it, scrape down anything on the sides. If one learns to pinch for texture and moisture (just keep doing it until you learn what works where you live), then a small adjustment can be made then. I would caution you that a loaf that, early in the kneading process is ALMOST moist enough should be left alone – in my experience, more moisture seems to work itself into the dough as it kneads (depends when one “peeks” – I am speaking of looking in as the first kneading cycle starts to speed up.

    The lady with unbaked centers and the lady with heavy loaves should be certain that they are using a liquid cup for measuring liquids and a dry measure for dry materials. In the US a cup is a cup is a cup if no more than a cup or two is specified in a recipe. However, if you’ve noticed on many recipes (not necessarily bread) the recipe will call for an amount of liquid plus one or two tbsp. I always wondered who was so precise; the answer is anyone who knows the difference between a dry measure and a liquid measure. Weighing ingredients is the perfect way but too much trouble – however, if you are having wet loaves remember to measure with your measuring cup sitting on the counter and you looking across the full line; it matters. Same thing is true particularly about flour; I don’t sift bread flour, but I’ve found that if I “fluff” it up in the storage container before I spoon it into the measuring cup I have a lot fewer problems with dry loaves at the kneading stage above. One doesn’t get an accurate measure of flour if one measures it “packed down” as it tends to get, particularly in the refrigerator or freezer.

    Hope some of these thoughts help someone.

    s g gordon
  • Does anyone know where I could get the little piece that makes the dough turn…my hubby accidently threw it out.:(

  • My Breadman Ultimate TR-2200C has a problem and I can’t find a remedy. When I use Select to chose the bread type and press Start it starts to beep and this symbol starts to blink on the displays – – H.

    I found out that the symbol is supposed to mean that the machine is too hot, but that’s not the case because it hasn’t had time to get hot. This shuts the machine down and nothing will work. Anyone ever have this problem and or can you tell me how to fix it. Thanks for any help.

  • My Breadman made great bread for about 4 years before the breadpan started leaking grease. After getting the runaround for exactly 1 year from Fox International about the breadpan being on backorder, they are now telling me the part is not available (mine is the 4-rivet pan and they sent me the wrong 3-rivet version twice in that 1 year span).

    I guess 4 years is a reasonable lifetime for an appliance in this day and age, but its frustrating to have a perfectly good breadmaker, but no breadpan. For this reason, I CANNOT RECOMMEND BREADMAN BREADMAKERS.

  • My breadman Ultimate TR-2200C is one year old. Its in beautiful shape excepts the pan leaks. I have been writing and calling can’t get a replacement pan. Mine is also a 4 rivit. I keep getting told the part is unavailable. Mine did not get much use, but when I did it made beautiful bread and great rolls.

    Kathleen Boring
  • Great tips from s g gordon…especially about refrigerated flour. thanks!

    LOVE my breadman ultimate TR2200C…3 rivet pan. Has worked flawlessly for yrs. (Also own the Z brand bread machine w/ 2 paddles: loaf always sticks to pan and don’t like 2 paddle-holes….never use it.)
    Recent problem w/ my Breadman: loud regular banging noise as paddle kneads the dough. Noticed that other owners complain about the paddle hole getting larger with use. I believe this is what is causing the banging noise during the kneading cycle. The paddle does not fit tightly over the center prong, but wobbles in place as I manually turn the paddle back and forth. I stuck the larger ends of 2 flat toothpicks into the extra space of the paddle hole (when in place) and that snugs it up–no wobble. I break off the toothpicks so they don’t stick up…leaving the business ends in the hole. Not a permanent fix, but if this is all it takes to keep my machine going smoothly and noiselessly, why not? The “fix” will keep the hole from getting even bigger from use. Just need to remember to retrieve the toothpick ends from the loaf bottom when I remove the paddle. No biggie. Or get a new paddle….

  • I need a replacement pan for the TR2200C. Can anyone help?

  • I bought a Black & Decker all in one Bread Maker, Model B 6000 C and so far i Love it, the only complaint i have is that the book that came with it states that it can make a 1.5, 2 or a 3 pound loaf BUT has no instructions on how to make a 1.5 or a 2 pound loaf ?? I found that a 3 pound loaf was just to much bread for 1 person to eat up before it becomes moldy, Other than this the bread maker is Great, Just bought it october 28, 2011.. Loving it so far.

    John Good
  • Help
    We have a TR2500BC.
    We have not used it much but it is past the 2 year warranty.
    Both of the ‘Bread Pan Clips’ have become loose.
    Seems they must have nuts inside that must be immobilized before the screws can be tightened.
    How do I get access to those nuts??

  • We have a Breadman TR2200, but no manual. I’ve been searching online, but am not finding this particular model. The TR2200C control panel is different. Does anyone still have the Breadman TR2200 manual? Thank you.

    Eliz Crowley
  • ELIZ C., I have owned two of these machines: a “Breadman Ultimate” that was replaced with a “Breadman Ultimate ’97” by the company when the electronics in the first failed after 8 months. The second one’s motor burned out many years later. 🙁 I kept both instruction manuals in hopes of finding another machine at a thrift store or yard sale one day, so I may be able to help you? The back cover of the FIRST manual has a printed “TR2200” which probably correspond to the model number? This machine’s control panel has these settings: Basic bread, Whole wheat, French, Sweet, Batter bread, Jam, Dough, Pasta dough. And it looks like there is a little light on the top right corner that illuminates when the machine is operating or keeping warm. The SECOND manual has “TR2200’97” printed on its back cover. That machine’s control panel has settings for: White, Whole wheat, French, Fruit and nut, Batter bread, Jam, Dough, Pasta dough, and doesn’t appear to have the illuminated operation light. If either of these corresponds to your machine, I could send you copies of the manual. How can I contact you?

  • can someone tell me if I can use packet pre mixed bread mixes with a delayed start program – I ask because the yeast is mixed in with all the ingredients, if I add the liquid and then set the machine to start in 6 hours will the bread still come out ok ? or will the yeast have exhausted itself? [if you know what I mean!?]
    I cannot find anywhere info about this ???

  • How can I add five minutes to baking time while in bake mode…I thought I had it on pause and it wasn’t

  • I purchased one of these great machines at a second hand store for $10 and I just love it! I would not be without one now. I see them from time to time in second hand stores. Mine works perfect!

    Janet Geren
  • Where can I get instrucction manual for Breadman Ultamate TR2200C

    Marion Schlaht
  • Is there a mailing address to order it at or a phone #

    Marion Schlaht
  • how can I get the instruction manual

    Marion Schlaht
  • Here is a copy of the manual. http://www.breadmachinedigest.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/breadman-ultimate-manual-tr2200c.pdf

  • You can download the manual at our archive of Bread Machine Manuals page: http://www.breadmachinedigest.com/beginners/archive-of-bread-machine-manuals.php

  • We have a 2200 4-rivet and the pan just failed, so we ordered a 2500 model. We used it for 3-4 years twice a week at least. Bread machine bread is much cheaper and better than storebought bread.

    I learned a few things to make great bread. First, I nuke 1 cup of water in the microwave for 1 minute to heat it up – but not burning hot. Then i put it into the machine with sugar and salt and yeast, to bloom the yeast. I start the bread machine, and then After about 3 mins of mixing I add the flour. I use a spatula to make sure that all the flour is absorbed. I just keep adding flour and water until I get a “bread ball”. If your dough is too wet, it will overblow and then collapse in the center.

    If I am baking bread overnight I do all the same steps and make a breadball, but I don’t heat the water because I don’t want the yeast to get too active. I think that when the bread machine comes on in the morning it warms up the pan. That way, the overnight bread never has a problem with bits of flour that weren’t absorbed by the breadball.

    My biggest problem was always in getting the right ratio of water and flour and getting 100% mixing. By spending 3 mins to get the machine going, I never have problems any more.

  • Have had our Breadman Ultimate for YEARS … guess we haven’t used it all that much because our pan seal finally gave out. Replacement seals for 3-rivet (mine) and 4-rivet pans can now be found on eBay (2 sellers) and PaceParts.biz (1 of the eBay sellers). I ordered a new seal for ~$14 shipped. I will need to go to Ace Hardware to get a pair of 5/16 external retaining rings to replace the rusty ones.

    To get the shaft and seal out, set pan face down on table top. There is a u-clip holding the drive “propeller” on the bottom. You can see the 2 little tabs on the clip. Using a small screwdriver or needle nose pliers, pry that u-clip off. Pull off the “propeller”, and the 2 or 3 brass washers. Now push the shaft out. It may need some force. The shaft and red seal ought to come out together. Separate the parts, clean the crud, and reassemble with new parts, using cooking oil to lube the shaft in the new seal, and light grease on the brass washers.

  • We love our Breadman TR2700! We have two…as hubby thought it would be nice to bake two loafs at the same time Or if one was down the other would still work. Have had them for almost a yr. bake 1 to 2 loafs a week. I do have one suggestion, probably was mentioned somewhere already, but I really like it. When the bread is on it’s third rise, we pause the machine to remove the paddle. Then let it continue it’s cycle and on into baking. It’ leaves less of a hole in the bread and works great. Just remember that paddle is going to be warm, and Don’t soak the bread pan in water! Rinsing on the inside only please. I have also sprayed the inside of the paddle before putting back into the pan…but not often. Have had not problems, and we love the homemade breads and dessert breads.

  • What would make the mixer paddle come off in the middle of the mix/knead cycle? Mine did this twice today. Any help, ideas?


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