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Why a Bread Machine?

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Bread machines have been around for well over 10 years now. I myself have owned one or more for most of that time. My first machine with a Hitachi and cost well over $300, but even at that price it was worth it. Today bread machines can be had for as little as $40 or as much as $200, they are still worth it.

There are literally thousands of kitchen appliances on the market. There are very few that are worth owning. The bread machine is one of them. What makes an appliance worth owning? An appliance worth owning must…

  • Be versatile to the point your mind races with ideas for putting it to use.
  • Be innovative.
  • Be fun.
  • Add to the quality of life.
  • Help you save money and eat better.
  • Be one that is used several or more times a week.

Of all of the appliances on the market few do all of the above. The bread machine does, it can make literally thousands of different kinds of breads, rolls, and baked goods, it makes what used to be a hard and time consuming to make food easy enough for everyone to make. It is fun for men, women, and even children. Fresh bread is one of the few foods that can comfort, nurture, and bring peace to ones body, mind, and soul. Homemade bread is much cheaper than store-bought, you have control of what goes in it, it tastes better and is better for you.

Whenever I buy a new kitchen appliance, I’m always concerned about whether or not it is going to be used or end up sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Well, I have to tell you if you are anything like me your bread machine will not be sitting on a shelf collecting dust. For the 10 plus years, I have owned a bread machine I have used mine at least once per week and more often than not once per day. Therefore, I don’t think you have a thing to worry about. Once you get started, you won’t want to stop. There is nothing like fresh warm bread, rolls, bagels, etc. for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With the timer, you can have a loaf of fresh bread ready to eat when you get home from a hard days work or when you get up in the morning. There is no limit to the things you can make.

It is the bread machines ability to make all kinds of different things that have made it so popular. Many appliances have limited uses. A rotisserie for example is only good for roasts, chickens, shish kabobs, etc. If you don’t eat these several times a week, then you will most likely put the unit in a cupboard and forget about it. A bread machine on the other hand can make bread items that you can serve with every meal no matter what it is. You have not lived until you have had a hamburger served on a homemade hamburger bun or, how about grilled hot dogs on homemade hotdog buns. The possibilities are literally endless.

Bread Machine or Stand Mixer?

I am asked this one question often. My answer is…the bread machine is easier. With the stand mixer you put the ingredients in and turn it on, you then have to stand there until the kneading is done usually 10 to 20 minutes. You then have to remove the dough to a greased bowl, cover and let rise. You then have to punch the dough down, knead a little bit, shape it, and then place it in a greased bread pan to rise, then pop it in the oven, wait around 30 to 40 minutes and then remove it from the oven.

With a bread machine, you put the ingredients in. Start the machine. Watch the kneading for a few minutes to make sure the dough is the correct consistency and then you are free to go. You can even leave the house and not have to worry about your bread. The main advantage is you spend 10 minutes making a loaf of bread verses the 30 to 40 minutes it would take to do it with a mixer, this doesn’t include rising times.

I have a several stand mixers including and older Hobart made Kitchen Aid, a K-Tech and a Dimension 2000 Kitchen Center I like them all a lot. However, I do not make bread in them very often and if I do it is because I need a lot of bread at once. The only time I really would recommend a stand mixer over a bread machine is for someone that needs more than one loaf of bread a day. If you have, a large family and the free time a mixer maybe the better way to go. However, even if you need say two loaves of bread a day a bread machine may still be easier. You can just do them one after another. This is something you need to consider.

If you do decide to go with a stand mixer then I strongly urge you to forget about the ones you can get a K-Mart, Target, etc. Even the Kitchen Aid stand mixer isn’t the right choice for people that want to make bread. My Kitchen Aid has a dough hook, but what happens is the dough climbs up it and then spins around like a crazy drunk and doesn’t get the proper kneading it needs. In addition, the new Kitchen Aids just aren’t the same high-quality units they once were. No, what you want to look at for bread dough making is the Bosch, Magic Mill, Dimension 2000, or the K-Tec Champ mixers. These will cost you more, but they have the quality and the power to handle heavy bread dough’s and does a proper job of kneading them. Along with a wide range of bread machines we also offer a good variety of quality stand mixers in our online store.


  • The recipes don’t say what size bread they make are they 1 pound 1 1/2 pound or 2 pound, please email me and let know. Thanks

  • On this article: http://www.breadmachinedigest.com/beginners/generic-bread-machine-instructions.php
    it gives basic instructions for any bread machine. Under step 4 there is a list of approximately how much flour is used for each loaf size.

    However, unless stated otherwise all of our recipes are 1-1/2 pound recipes (12 servings).

  • We need to find a used or new dimension 2000 to replace ours. We like it but the motor burned out. Can you suggest anyone or anything? we already know the company is out of business. Who has one? Call jon at 435-628-1908 or 703-638-3472 (cell)

    Jon Prince
  • To Jon
    If you are still looking for parts or used unit check below:

  • Hi BMD,

    I’m seeking a machine with a strong motor so I can do cheese bread and the like. My old one is so weak it slows and stops with any mix that is the least bit gummy.


    Hi BMD
  • In response to the last section about stand mixers:
    Kitchen-Aid does still make some very good stand mixers; however, not all of their mixers are good quality. Any of the mixers with all-metal gears are reliable (we’ve got 2, an Accolade and a Deluxe 6, both discontinued models now), and the Deluxe 6 works better for mixing pizza dough than our Zojirushi S-15a, in about the same amount of time – both take about 10 minutes to make enough dough for 2 crusts. The ABM takes longer to do the mixing, and doesn’t allow the yeast to be folded in as well as can be done by mixing the water, oil, salt, and flour in the stand mixer, then kneading in the yeast by hand and placing the dough on plates to rise. And the dough never seems to climb my dough hook.

  • Hi – I would like to get a bread machine but the main reason for doing so is that I am allergic to yeast. Can you use other leavenings in a bread machine? (Baking powder/baking soda/etc.)


  • Read the review on Welbilt 6000- Question: Does Welbilt have a website? Are they still in business? Thanks

  • Can you use other leavenings in a bread machine?

    Pizza King
  • i just wanted to know what is the basic shopping list for when you do own a bread machine .like things like bench knife for making french breach stuff like that i like to know before i start well also what are the food shopping list i need to get what kind of starters and flours stuff like that

  • i also like the idea with bread makers that i not wasting oven space for just a loaf or two and wait for it to heat up and heating up the whole kitchen while doing that i love my machine i had for a while ow i love it i already made jam now it was great got some for friends and family . great way still to be awaken by the smell of fresh bread .and the sweet bread for morning or snack bread is so worth it and the stale bread never goes t waste still because bread pudding is quick and simple to make too with frozen leftovers .so anyone dont have one make room for one it’s worth it . my husband love the smells
    thanks for the advice on this page well done.

  • please tell me the reason bread making machines are not advertised. My super market discontinued selling the mix, because of no demand for it.

  • I just started using mine a few times a week. I bulk mix three bags flour, four cups brown sugar, and 1/2 cup salt into a storage bin. I have cut plastic containers to measure out precisely 850mL for bread mix and 300mL water. I also leave a salad dressing cap in the yeast which measures 3tsp. After mixing the primary ingredients in bulk, making a loaf of bread takes less than a minute of my time. Makes 16 slightly smaller loafs.

  • Hello,
    I live in Venezuela (South America), purchased 15 years ago one of the first Hitachi Breadmakers. Unfortunately a housekeeper threw away the small piece that sits on the side. It is kind of a disk with a piece of metal sticking out; the dough kind of spins around this piece.

    I did buy a new machine when this part was lost but that one has been working daily for 9 years and will not last much longer. Bread machines are very expensive in Venezuela (average $ 900.00 for any brand); my Hitachi still works fine except for the missing part. The “new” machine has the paddle at the bottom – just like the Hitachi and does not have any little metal rod sticking out at the side; so I guess I could use the Hitachi once I know how to cover the hole where the missing part was.

    Does anyone have a suggestion what to use to cover the little hole?

    Thanks in advance,
    Anne from Venezuela

    Anne Strebe
  • Hello,
    I am in the market for a bread machine, and happy to have found your site, as i was just about to purchase a Zo BB-CEC20. I may still do so, but as a result of what i’ve read on Bread Machine Digest i am convinced that (as with so many things) the original is often the best. I am hoping to successfully bid on a BBCC-V20 on ebay.
    My question is whether the B20 has a sourdough cycle and if so is it, as you say, a REAL sourdought cycle:
    “Longer First Rise; when creating a custom program the first rise can now be up to 24 hours instead of the 2 hours on the Zojirushi BBCC-V20. Rise 2 and Rise 3 are still limited to 2 hours each. I wish they had extended all three of the rises to 24 hours or even better 48 hours. This would have made creating a custom cycle for real sourdough a snap.”

    thank you,
    Lana Taves

    L Taves
  • ‘Sup, bra.

    I’m looking for a good breadhing machine. Can you recommend something?


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