WonderMix Bread Dough Mixer

Testing Your Machine

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Plugging in the Machine

If you plug the machine in and nothing happens you, have a problem. All bread machines no matter how simple have some sort of light or they make some sort of beep when they are plugged in. If nothing happens and it is a new machine, you need to return it and get a replacement. If the machine is used or was given to you by a friend, well you are pretty much out of luck.

Machine Test

Now assuming that when you plug-in the machine it does something you are ready to move on to the decisive test. You need to go to the grocery store and get a boxed white bread mix. You can get them in the baking isle with the flour, etc. It doesn’t matter what brand you get. You do need to check the box for the expiration date; you want one that hasn’t expired. Don’t forget to get the rest of the bread making ingredients you will need for making bread from scratch. For more information what you need for this take a look at Basic Ingredients.

Now following the directions on the mix, make the bread. The reason I use a store-bought mix to test new and used bread machines is simple. They are designed to work. If the bread doesn’t turn out and you followed the directions, you have a bad bread machine. If it is a new machine, return it and get another one. If it is a used one or was given to you by a friend, then what you do with it is up to you however, it is broke!

Now if the boxed mix came out fine (most store mixes only make 1 pound loaves) then you can be assured that you machine is in working order.

NOTE: If you have one of the true horizontal machines like the Zojirushi BBCC-V20 or the Breadman Ultimate TR-810 you will need to use two 1 pound box mixes to test the machine. These dual paddle machines (all dual paddle machines) will not make 1 pound loaves. So keep this in mind when getting the mix for testing.

The Replacement is Defective Too!

This can happen sometimes a problem will be batch wide. In other words a batch of machines made at a certain plant will have same problem and because the store you bought from got many machines from the same batch they all have the problem. If your replacement machine is also defective take it back and get a refund and try another store. With luck they will have gotten some from a batch without the problem. These types of problems thank goodness are few and far between.


  • I have a breadman bread maker. I can’t find the instruction booklet. When I plug it in and select the button, it’s fine, but when I push start it beeps and reads H E what does that mean? Do you know where I can find another instruction booklet?

    Kind Regards,

  • Try this link for your manual:


  • I have a West Bend Automatic Bread & Dough Maker. While it is in the “bake” cycle, the machine gives it one more spin, the bread implodes, but continues to cook. Is this something I can fix on my own?

  • I just purchased a used Oster Automatic breadmaker 5184 from a sweet old lady at a yard sale ($5 so I dont know if it works) I haven’t bought any ingredients yet but when I tried plugging it in to see if it worked it just beeps loudly and nothing comes on on the screen… is this normal?

  • Am looking for two items:
    1) Instruction manual for bread maker by Gold Star Model HB-011E Does anyone know what and how to use it with that guage like thing protruding from the side of the pan? It bakes a real nice whole wheat bread BUT that “thing” protruded so far that it jammed inside the machine and I had the darndest time yanking the pan out of the machine!

    2) Am looking for a pair of dough hooks for my Sunbeam Mixmaster (Service No MMA) (the kind with a stand) that I got for a wedding gift 50 years ago! the Sunbeam still works like a charm and I regret not getting the hooks earlier.

  • I have a Faberware Model FTR-700DL. Where can I find a manual?


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